Running up that hill

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Yesterday was yet another day filled with sunshine... and minus 5 degrees. Oh well, I guess you really can't have it all. But what you CAN have, is a camera, a really good friend that knows how to use it, and a dog to run around you both in circles so you can pretend that you're not just standing there, in the midst of the woods, pretending to be a model.

I was halfway joking. I'm not sure how confident I am in front of a camera yet, but oh my is it fun when you get good results! I am so lucky to have friends both back home in the West, but also in the 'big city' that can capture my best sides (when those decides to show). We discovered we were both wearing our jackets from twentyfour at the trip, and decided we couldn't do anything but take a great family-portrait. It sincerely wasn't even planed, but I felt like a fourteen year old who had just called her girlfriend about what to wear that night and they felt like twinning it up. Looks great though! Any favorite color?

Thanks for the trip and the photos, bestie 💛 Oh! And she just decided to make her instagram public, so be sure to check out @theselle for beautiful photography!