Destress at a stressfull time

In the midst of everyone freaking out and getting completely lost in this stressful "omg we're moving"-thought, I have managed to stay in vacation mode. I've been out kayaking with my little sister, a roadtrip to the beach for a photoshoot with my bestie, and a hiking-trip with our dog, Kompis (I guess his name in english means "Buddy" like the movie!)

I get that moving is a stressful time, heck I hate moving. But this time we went from a small apartment I really never felt at home in, back into a beautiful big house that actually have the space for the family. We no longer have to sit on top of each other, but can chose to sit down together when we want, and me - as an introvert from hell - can chose to take a step back when my brain needs a break. And as said before, an hour in the tub doesn't exactly make me more stressed.

Right this moment I just made myself a granola-boll for breakfast. I'm getting really spoiled by accessing free food for each meal. Haha! If it wasn't for work back in Oslo I'd probably stay here a lot longer, at least until my other sister arrived on wednesday. I mean, here she is travelling through Europe, and then she decides to come back from her half-year long trip the day AFTER I leave?! She must really hate me.

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