Who am I?

I was thinking, while I'm reading (and not updating that much) that I should maybe do a presentation about me in english since I only did it in swedish in the beginning (länk till det inlägget här /⬅ link to that post). Might not be interesting to some, but why not? Someone might want to know more about the person behind all the books and reviews. So here goes:

I'm a 30 year old woman living in Sweden with my husband and our 6 pets (we used to have 11): two cats, two pythons, one frog and one gecko. I'm studying to become a medical secretary at Borås polytechnic school and I'm on the last semester now. Most of us already have jobs, because there's a huge demand for medical secreteries but not enough educated people to fill the need! Feels nice to be wanted for a change, haha. We've been taught medical latin/greek, coding, psychology and so on. Very interesting!

Here I am outside of a 3500 year old grave, on vacation in the southern parts of Sweden with my husband (he's standing by the sea on another location but on the same vacation!)

I have asperger (or "High functioning autism" as they call it today) and ADD, which of course have affected my life alot, but I wouldn't be me without it! And it really helps me do my job sometimes. I can hyperfocus on a task for hours without getting tired (if it's interesting enough...) meaning I'm pretty productive! I'm on medication for my ADD and thank the gods for that! Being able to focus and stay in the moment is really helpful, haha.

Other than that I like photography, crafting, writing letters, watching movies/series, being out in nature, animals, videogames, tattoos, mythology and metal. I'm a metalhead and I'm into death metal for the most part but I also love folk music, like Wardruna and Osi and the Jupiter. I'm also into history and the viking era is my absolute favorite time period, even though I like pretty much everything before the industrial revolution. After the 1900's it gets pretty boring.

Some of the photos I take on my walks and adventures.

I've been with my husband for 6½ years and we are pretty much the same. He also has asperger and ADD so we are a perfect match! Never had such a good relationship with anyone before and we really do complete each other which I find pretty cool. We have the same sense of humor and values, even though we dont think alike or have the same opinions all the time about everything (that would be boring).
Our 4th wedding anniversary is coming up in february, which is soon so why not tell the story about that day?
My husband approach me one day and said "Should we get married?". We were not engaged or anything, just living together and I said "Meh, why not?". So we went to the court house one day and just did it. We didn't tell anyone, haha. We just changed our statuses on facebook and people went nuts. I really enjoyed it! For some reason I like to surprise people with unexpected things. Dont know why, it's just funny.

On vacation, out in nature or on shows I always take picture. Can't live without a camera! I have this thing for creating memories and preserve them. Everything can be captured and stored as a memory.

I've always been a reader for as long as I can remeber. I used to read alot when I was a child because that was one of my interests. I also preferred it over socializing with people. People are weird and not logical at all, so I always spent my time on books and animals. They are easy to understand and wont say one thing and do another. I also think that books are a way to escape reality. Reality is boring, busy, greedy, filthy and cold. I can live a thousand different lives in a thousand different worlds through books and that is magic to me. Storytelling is fascinating because we as a species have been doing it since forever.

Well, maybe this is enough. I dont want to write a whole book about who I am and what I do (not here atleast), haha 😉