TIP – THIS ISNT PERSONAL is a design house based in London that currently encompasses fashion, events and product design. TIP seeks to learn from their past, reflect the present times and realise the future.

TIP organized a warehouse party on the 30th of September, taking over one of London's most advanced industrial warehouse spaces and transforming it to an underground rave with top tier lighting displays and a showroom/installation space, displaying their garments to the visitors.

The private event had three DJ's playing HipHop, R&B and Garage, alongside two bars. Visitors would spend some time socialising and networking, to then bust some moves to their favorite tunes on the dance floor.

The company also choose to go plastic-free in 2020 with all their packaging to follow their customers' demands. They switched from sealable plastic bags to unbleached foldable cardboard boxes.

Over the course of this year and onward, they aim to reduce their carbon emissions by putting more focus on their sampling, production and packaging processes.

A big thank you to TIP for organizing a successful event!

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Tronella "Toni" Atim
AIKONIK - Founder

Image sources: Abdul Mohammed & TIP