Any fashion minded person, from a beginner to someone experienced, is well familiar with the famous fashion paradise known as SoHo, Manhattan. The neighborhood exudes an atmosphere of luxury and elegance and has an even more exiting nightlife. SoHo is known for its fancy chain stores, designer boutiques and high-end galleries. However, the New York SoHo has a tendency to outstand yet another Soho, the one located in the heart of lovely London. This Soho is more known for it’s rather risqué vibe, it’s the place where you’ll spot many of the capitals burlesque shows and, let’s call them, “interesting” shops.

I had recently fell on love with the Prada Flagship in SoHo, New York after getting my breath taken away by their interior design and vibe, the placement and color choices were on point and truly fit the current concept and feel of the Italian fashion house. This infatuation took a rather quick turn as I came across an article on Highsnobiety about the newest addition to the London Soho Street, the new END. clothing flagship store. The famous British retailer is set to feature a range of noteworthy names in contemporary fashion such as Acne Studios, Off-White, Comme des Garcons and Stone Island, alongside sportswear giants Nike and Adidas. In addition to that, iPads will be available for customers to browse and purchase the latest editorials.

Is this a dream or what?

The architecture and interior design blew my mind even without displayed products; I can just imagine the eager youths longing to spend their savings in a matter of seconds, while envious little me is sitting in her couch writing about it in tears!

A generous mixture of the two stores would honestly be my personal ideal store interior design; I am a big dreamer and this most certainly triggers my inspiration-nerves.

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Picture source:, @skinnylegen on twitter