Prada x Adidas collaboration - A minimalistic mess

You can call it “minimal” if you like, but one thing is clear, it was a waste of energy and a waste of time.

It was recently announced that luxury house Prada and top sportswear brand Adidas were going to initiate a collaboration, not much was said about the collaboration apart from promotional images posted on Instagram. Popular Instagram account @supreme_leaks_news posted a mock-up picture of what the collaboration was rumoured to look like, many doubted that it would be as basic as the pictures showcased. Little did they know, it was SPOT ON.

The collaboration featured a white Adidas Superstar sneaker and a fuse between a Prada bowling bag and an Adidas gym bag in the same white shade. The products were of a high-quality full-grain leather with the main “details” being the black Adidas and Prada logo and the “Made in Italy” print.

The items are super limited, only about 700 pieces available, and are currently being sold at selected Prada boutiques and both brands websites.

The partnership caught a lot of attention, as it was not up to the standards of the public’s expectations. Many called the collaboration lazy and took it as a middle finger to the face.

Creating a hybrid of two bags wasn’t necessarily a bad idea, but the Adidas Superstar is a 50-year old classic and is either meant to be completely revamped just like Pharrell Williams did with the Supercolor or just left alone, slapping a Prada logo on it isn’t enough, but surprisingly, someone thought it was.

This leaves one question: Will the Dior and Jordan 1 collaboration fail us too? The sneaker is reported to be the most premium Air Jordan 1 in the history of sneakers, only getting 1,000 pairs priced at $2,000 USD each. The Dior Air Jordan is still predicted to be met with much more appreciation than the Prada Superstar considering brand history and the aimed market.

Forget the Logomania trend from 2017, 2020 is for slapping logos on classics.

Picture sources: Esquire, Sneakernews & Hypebeast