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I am so very happy to announce that I was one of the lucky people that got invited to attend the H&M pre-shopping event at Stockholms Auktionsverk for the H&M x MOSCHINO collaboration.

I honestly had the time of my life there and also got to hang out with two fantastic girls <3 It's always fun to get earlier access to clothes before an official release and being a so-called VIP made it feel 10 times more exclusive.

They served free pizza, popcorn and drinks to all guests at the top floor and shopping at the bottom floor. They even had random dancers “vogue-ing” around to music played by DJ:s. I sadly didn’t get a chance to be interviewed but I managed to get a snapshot from a professional photographer, just hoping to find it soon on whatever platform it may be on hahaha.

I had previously been eyeing a few pieces from their collection before getting my invitation to actually view them in real life, as you can tell I’m a sucker for their more minimalistic items. The towel and t-shirt are the perfect souvenirs for a budget minded person, as they only feature the collaborative name in black and white. The waist bag is perhaps the main item in the collection that leans more towards my personal style, I would although have preferred it without the MTV detail and just the red MOSCHINO text. The puffer jacket is obviously (at least for me) a statement piece to wear with an all-black outfit and the Donald Duck sweatshirt is a true depiction of what I personally wanted and expected from this collection as a whole.

My last favorite item of the collection is their small black cross-body bag with gold details, the reason for this is the fact that it reminds me so much of the MOSCHINO Biker Jacket Backpack that I wanted for two years ago. This is a more affordable “dupe” to that bag, without having to be counterfeit or from a completely different brand. Bougie on a budget, to be more exact. I would have absolutely bought it if it came in silver, just like their Black Biker Jacket Cross-body Bag.

Out of all the items, this is the one that I would truly recommend to anyone wishing to take home a MOSCHINO item in its truest form.

Picking what to buy was a lot harder than I thought, especially after trying on a few of the items. My final decision was between the red sweatshirt, the black t-shirt and a light blue tee, I ended up picking the black and white logo t-shirt as it is an item that goes well with my style and works as an amazing souvenir. I honestly wanted the sweatshirt but I knew that the chances of me actually wearing it out was minimal, too minimal in fact.

In all honesty, the best looking item was actually the shopping bag... like... WOW <3

Thank you H&M, MOSCHINO, Stockholms Auktionsverk and AAKERLIND PR for this amazing experience!

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