The world of fashion comprises many elements and many vital roles, fashion buying being one of them. Fashion buyers are essential in determining what is sold in clothing stores, whether online or in-store. But with the advent of online shopping, the role of a fashion buyer has seemingly lost its importance since artificial intelligence has begun to determine what clothing consumers like based on their previous purchases and browsing activity. But like how some jobs require craftsmanship that can only be done by the hands and the mind of a person, fashion buying is one of them, particularly regarding using one's mind.

Fashion buying first came to be in the early 20th century, when buying clothes from stores became more of a norm for many people because before this, clothes were either made in people's homes or by specialised tailors. However, new developments in factories allowed for the mass production of clothing. Specifically, in the latter half of the 20th century, ready-to- wear lines of clothing were being offered by clothing stores, but fashion buyers were specifically selecting these clothes.

So unbeknown to much of society, fashion buyers have been behind the scenes selecting the trends and styles that have signified vital moments in history. A role that cannot have possibly been done by artificial intelligence; fashion buyers understand people on an emotional level and understand that some styles look good and signify a message. Something algorithms can only try and predict but never accurately get correct, and this is because artificial intelligence requires input from an external source, that source being a person, selecting their size in clothing.

Essentially, artificial intelligence is not as great as it seems since it requires human input, and so fashion buyers cannot easily be replaced, meaning that relying upon one is essential in ensuring stores can acquire what they need instead of what an algorithm believes is best. Fashion buyers will always be essential in picking the latest trends and creating the styles that define history, so it is essential to understand that regardless of what artificial intelligence system comes forward in the fashion world, fashion buyers will always be a step ahead.

Abdul Mohammed
AIKONIK - Culture Contributor

Image Sources: Abdul Mohammed (Photographer)