Back in November of 2020, Swedish fashion brand WEEKDAY had introduced a new innovative concept that produces unique custom-fit jeans by combining 3D scanning technology and algorithm-based pattern generation. This new innovation is called Body Scan Jeans and is a collaboration between WEEKDAY, H&M Laboratory and three external vendors.

With the help of Body Scan Jeans, customers can book an in-store contactless scan time, where 3D scanning technology will generate a virtual avatar made up of 100,000 data points to produce custom-fit jeans as if the jeans were woven around the actual body. They are then able to select from two styles and can additionally personalize the jeans by selecting various fabric, waist, and hem options and a select combination of trims.

The custom-made jeans will be produced and ready to pick up within 2-3 weeks and retail for 900 Swedish Kronor (approximately $100/€90). Returns for Body Scan Jeans will be accepted for up to 30 days after the purchase and refunds come in the form of store credit.

This is a very exciting opportunity for the fashion industry that brings novelty and creates enthusiasm for consumers to get back into the retail environment post-lockdowns. It also tackles two main troubles for consumers, fit and size, which also offers a solution for excess waste and inventory control in order to reduce consumer byproduct and slow down unnecessary production.

So far, Swedish shoppers are very satisfied with the fit of Weekday’s Body Scan Jeans. It was reported that none of the first 30 orders were returned, compared to the 40% return rates of conventional mass-produced jeans in e-commerce, according to Walden Lam, co-founder of Unspun.

WEEKDAY is owned by the H&M Group, which is well-known for its unsustainable and unethical production practices. This is a great step into a better direction, not only for the H&M Group but also for the fashion industry as a whole. Such technology could be the beginning to the end of the immense denim waste caused by manufacturers and the over-consumption of denim by consumers.

So far, the service is only available in their Götagatan store in Stockholm, Sweden.

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After being in lockdown for what feels like decades, cities are finally opening up again and allowing us to compensate for our lost summer experiences. We have curated a mixture of items that can elevate your summer wardrobe with stimulating colors and fresh styles for when you want to grab an evening drink, go grocery shopping or just enjoy the outdoors.

Freedom also comes with responsibility. We shouldn’t forget the importance of wearing masks and how they have helped us stay clear from Covid-19 as well as other illnesses that were previously part of our everyday lives.

master-piece mask with pouch
Marni mask cover
Marine Serre black mask
Heron Preston orange reusable mask

Master-Piece – Mask with Pouch

Marni – Abstract Print Face Mask Cover

Marine Serre – Black Mask

Heron Preston – Orange Reusable Mask

Ganni backpack
Lexxola Jordy tortoise
Sunnei reversible bucket hat
Telfar large double mint shopping bag

GANNI - Seasonal Recycled Tech Small Backpack

Lexxola - Jordy Tortoise/Yellow

SUNNEI - Red & Grey Reversible Bucket Hat

Telfar – Large Double Mint Shopping Bag

Stussy masked tee
Molly Goddard vest
Gimaguas été top one shoulder
Fiona O'Neill t-shirt

Stüssy – Masked Tee Black

Molly Goddard – Claus Vest in Neon Orange Red

Gimaguas – Èté Top One Shoulder Yellow

Fiona O’Neill – Bulbous T-shirt in Sand & Beige

Priscavera brown sunset jeans
Heliot emil drawstring skirt
Sacai Grey Open Face Suiting Trouser Shorts
Sunnei orange pants with fringed bands

Priscavera – Brown Printed Sunset Jeans

Heliot Emil – Drawstring Skirt

Sacai – Grey Open Face Suiting Trouser Shorts

SUNNEI – Orange Classic Pants with Fringed Bands

Nike dunk low orange
Bimbaylola black leather platform sandals
Suicoke mura-vs suede sandals

Salomon S/ Lab - XT 6 Advanced Sneakers

Nike – Dunk Low Laser Orange/LaserOrange-Sail

Bimbaylola – Black Leather Platform Sandals

Suicoke – MURA-VS Suede Sandals

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I’m happy to announce that AIKONIK is back after a 2-year hiatus!

The main causes for the discontinuity were demanding schedules and issues with the website provider’s functionality. There were, and still are, a few malfunctions with links, images, layouts, and several servers glitching.

The highest priority for Summer 2021 will be dealing with the digital difficulties, alongside staying active with new content and an updated brand identity.

AIKONIK, as an official fashion website, started off as a gender-neutral news and trend source but will now have a slightly different approach, catering more to women’s premium, luxury, and streetwear. The change will not be very significant since a considerable amount of the inspiration for the content will nevertheless be taken from the menswear market and the streetwear industry.

I’m very excited to continue this journey and I hope that you all are as well!

Lots of love! /

Tronella Atim – Founder and Editor