Why do our body and soul love the ocean somuch? Why us, humans, so drawn to it?Have you ever stopped and wondered why we seek out the calming effect of theocean? Definitely, there would be many different reasons behind it and it goesbeyond evolution.

No wonder a lot of people is living by theshore as it delivers countless benefits. Studies conducted that aside frombeing a source of livelihood, the sea has surprising health benefits to humanstoo. People who live near the sea are much healthier compared to those who livein central cities.

Manypeople during their vacation visit the sea, either to swim or sail and explorethe enormity and wonders of it. Even for tourists, the beaches are one of thethings they look forward whenever they travel in a region or country. And it isbound upon us to do everything to make it safe and secured from all dangers the sea may give. For this reason,Southbourne Surf Life Saving Club keeps the coastal community safe and informedby patrolling the sea and its surrounding area using well-maintained andefficient motor boats and modern sophisticated equipment.

Accidentsare not limited only to the beach where a blanket of people gathers around.Risks exist even on places where peoplemay be sailing, exploring or conducting other activities especially duringweekends. This is why Southbourne Surf Life Saving Club patrols the coast everyweekend and on bank holidays from May to October where many people spend theirtime near or by the sea.

Southbourne SurfLife Saving Club is the home of volunteer lifesavers who aims on providing a safe and secure communityfor Southbourneresidents and tourists, to avoid being scammed, contact SSLSC. They trainpeople on lifesaving to become a prepared individual effective in responding to an emergency situation that may arise inthe community.