​Hi guys, how ya doin? Hope you had a great day, mine was abit stressful but now my new youtube video is up and you can go check it out here --> The Sims 4 - Part 5 

It's not the best one I have done, like I said I was in abit of a rush to make it so that it would go up not to late. But I hope you enjoy it and please go check it out and leave a comment if you have some ideas or just want to give me some pointers. I take any help I can get! 

Talk to you soon. XO

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​Hi guys!

Alright, hope you had a nice day!
My new Youtube video is up guys, so please go check it out and give it a like if you enjoyed it and while you're at it go give it a comment aswell!

Have a wonderful night guys!

Cheers! xo



Hello guys, so today I was just thinking that I would post a quickie on all the Christmas gifts I got!
I have been meening to do this realier but I have been sooooo busy that I just haven't had time for it. But here it goes!

So first of is a gift I bought myself!
It's from Wish and it's a set for practicing lockpicking.

It's super fun and was really cheap, so go check it out!

Next is a Smartwatch from Sony, it's version 3.
And this I got from my girlfriends brother.
He got it when he bought his phone but now the phone broke so he doesn't need it anymore, and therefore I got it!

Super happy about this one, and you can get it pretty cheap here ---> Sony

Next of is a cool looking whisky that I got from my parents. For those of you who don't know, Hälge is a comic book moose here in Sweden and it's pretty funny aswell. It will be fun to try this one out!

It is bought from Systembolaget

This is a really cool thing I got from my girlfriend!
It's a Star Wars building set that needs no glue or anything like that to be put together.

Go check it out ---> Star Wars Metallmodeller

This is something I wanted ever since we moved in to this home. Tools for our fireplace, will really use these ones!

​And then there were these things.
A dart board.
A little santa
And a smoke detector that we really needed.

I also got a Wokpanna and two pots that were bought here ---> Biltema

I think that was all guys! Hope you got alot of nice gifts aswell and I will see you later!