Oh, I'm so super excited for tomorrow! Tomorrow morning, I and Z will travel to Gothenburg, more precise Ullevi. Tomorrow evening One Direction is playing there, so he and I will see them, will be awesome I think <3

Saw their first concert in Sweden, in 2013. It was in the Friends Arena and I went myself. It was not great fun, but met people there who I still have little contact through Instagram :)

Will be very fun to get to see the best band with the best boyfriend <3

Now I must help mom with the food

See ya later!

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Midnight snack may be the best ever, don't you agree? I was going take the bus home from Z yesterday when I discovered that the last had gone an hour earlier, sigh. Don't like the new timetable, it does not suit me. In any case, I wrote to my mother so she came and picked me up, which ended in a visit to McDonalds, yummy.

Woke up relatively early today and have just eaten breakfast. Tea and an orange and a sandwich. I think I've become a little infected by Z who was ill at the weekend so I'm trying to boost my immune system with some vitamins and fruit, hope it works out haha!

Today I will probably only take it easy, will photograph some stuff that I wanna sell then go to the dentist a quickie and fix some stuff for my braces
What will you do today?

Look at the beautiful rainbow I saw yesterday!
(Sorry for awful quality, the snapchat camera of an iPhone 4 sucks)



1: What are you wearing?

My flannel shirt and a pair of jeans

2: Ever been in love?

I am now <3

3: Ever had a tough break up?


4: How tall are you?

1 meter and 69 centimeters

5: How much do you weigh?

What a rude question, I do not know. 53 kg perhaps ????

6: Some tattoos?

Not yet;)

7: Some piercings?

Belly button and pierced ears

8: OTP?

Me and Zache

9: Favorite tv-show?

Don't have any special, like most of them

10: Favorite band?

Same here, like many

11: Anything you miss?

Not right now actually

12: Favorite song?

Everyday - A$AP Rocky is very nice

13: How old are you?

Turns 16 in less than 2 months

14: Zodiac?

Leo, rawr

15: Anything you are looking for in a mate?

Never look for something in a partner. They come when they do it and it is well lucky I had not been in such a good relationship otherwise

16: Favorite Quote?

Repeat, do right

17: Favorite Actor?

Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio are high on the list

18: Favorite?

Gray, yellow and pink

19: High or low music?

Just right

20: Where do you go if you are sad?

The water / docks

21: How long will it take for you to shower?

Three to four songs

22: How long will it take for you to get ready in the morning?

Way too long time haha!

23: Ever been in a fight?


24: Turn on?

Common sense, good taste in music, nice fashion style

25: Turn Off?

Not feminist, smell of sweat, makes me feel awkward

26: The reason why you started blogging?

Playing my life is cooler than it is

27: Fears?

Water, being tickled, talking on the phone

28: Last thing that made you cry?

The film "Home", disney movies omg

29: Last time you said you loved someone?

Yesterday or this morning

30: The meaning behind your blog name?

My nickname kind of...

31: Last book you read?

Paper Towns John Green

32: The book you are currently reading?

None at the moment

33: Last program you saw?

Can not remember

34: Last person you talked to?

My sister

35: The relationship between you and the last person you texted with?

My sister (again)

36: Favorite food?

Pasta in all forms. Also, falafel, love

37 Place you want to visit?

Have always wanted to go to San Francisco

38: Last place you visited?

Zache's place

39: Are you in love?

So amazingly incredible much

40: Last time you were insulted?

Cannot remember actually

41: favorite flavor on candy?

Chocolate and sour

42: What instruments do you play?

I know the basics of guitar

43: Favorite jewllery?

A very nice rosé gold necklace with a heart that babe gave me that unfortunately broke :(

44: Last sport you played?

Hahahaha, I don't do sports

45: Last song you listened to?

Old Money - Lana Del Rey

46: Favorite pick-up line?

"Have You Met Ted?"

47: Have you used it sometime?

No, I have not haha

48: Last time you were with someone?

Yesterday I met Babe so guess then

49: Who should answer these questions now?

Anyone who thinks it seems fun!



Hello people!

It feels like I have kept me fairly busy the last few days

Yesterday I went and mom out to IKEA and had lunch and bought some stuff there. Then we went to Ikano where I changed one thing I had bought as it was a too small size before we went home again. Then in the evening I went home to Zache and cuddled with him.

Today I went and cut my hair and sold by some clothes that are not used anymore, now I can afford food for next week's adventure, yeah!

Was quite okay happy with the hair, she cut away the worn so it was only a few centimeters difference, but it feels like more, haha.

Now I will soon do the dishes after I have taken out the garbage and cleaned the litter box




I'm home from Zache, slept there last night. Friday (or Saturday as it was this weekend) is the best of the whole week when I finally get to sleep next to my love, and that is so very amazing <3

Today, we took a long sleep in, got up at 11 something and have only taken it easy. Have mostly eaten, drinking tea, listening to music and just cuddled. It was needed after the stress last week

Have not been taken any good pictures lately, so here is Zaches cat Ozzy when he and I snuggled.

Cute huh?

When the sun don’t shine we lose our minds



Oh, I'm soo tired, even if I didn't do very much haha!

My babe graduated today (so very proud of him) so it has seen him run out and then celebrated with him at his place. I have been very social today, may be why I'm so tired. Has always had at least four people around me all day. Little me cannot handle too many people at once.

So now I'm at home and taking it easy, resting the brain a little. I'm home alone, which is incredibly nice after a day like this.

Don't even want to think about how it will be in three years when it's my turn, I will be completely exhausted by then.

Will put on one of my absolute favorite movies now, Frozen ;)


My babe is somewhere up there, i think I can spot his arm haha. It was hard to take good shots from where I stood so...



Set all cameras on charge

Tomorrow imy babe "runs out" (exams) so thought of trying to get some cute pictures of him <3 My Prince

Will soon jump into the shower and take care of my hair. Usually I never curl, flatten or fix it but have curled it three times in two days so it needed a little pampering so it looks good tomorrow too, thought in fact have curls then too. I love curled hair, it's gorgeous. it was extra nice when my hair was red, really felt like Ariel then (which is lucky because she is my favorite princess)

Bought a hair mask at Ö&B for a while ago that smells kind of like olive and it is really really kind to your hair. I was very doubtful it, a deep conditioner from a discount chain's own brand for 20 kr can not just not the best, but I must take it back. It does its deeds, Thumbs up for it.

I'm feeling like this after I've used it

Have had a "free-bra" on almost all today and feel that it would be very fresh to properly clean the boobs, don't really feel so clean with sticky boobs haha

I'm going to take that shower now

See Ya



No more compulsory schooling

No more early mornings (in a few weeks anyway)

No more not being comfortable

No more 9H

Now it's over, finished, fini. Books returned, tears have been cried, hugs given, goodbye said. This is the end of my time at Nya Munken. And it feels so damn good. A little sad of course, don't want to leave my amazing music and English teachers, but I can not stay there forever. Time to move on.

With the final grade in my hands I say goodbye to elementary school, to school attendance, to the wonderful good food every day, my class teachers and the school; Nya Munken.

Thank you for this time

​(Sadly, the pictures are blurry)



Oh, I'm so excited for summer vacation! I get it tomorrow morning, however, so a little more anticipation. But it is well to say "All good things come to he who waits"

Today we cleaned out our lockers. Or well, I took out everything that was not mine and gave back to school and threw the rest away. I don't need them anymore so haha

Now I sit and wait for my babe to come here. Have not seen him since last Sunday so miss him really much.

Tonight is the closing dinner, do you see the picture of what I'm going to wear?



Oh, I'm super tired from yesterday, totally worn out.

My school brought my class (plus three more) to STOCKHOLM over the day. I really enjoyed it

I slept like the 7 hours of the night to Monday but it was only to force myself to get up before 6 am to make it to the bus that went half seven. Was only a little bit tired then. Then it was full speed all day to about 21, We went and visited the Royal Armory, The Parliament and Gröna Lund (which is an amusement park in Stockholm). I'm really proud that I dared both 1. Go Eclipse (although I was feeling really bad before and at the beginning of the ride) 2 go the haunted house, which was not at all creepy but really cool! It was a little comical when one who worked in the house tried scare us who went, but we were not afraid, so she quietly went back to her hiding place and we just went past very happy haha!

I have lots of pictures, do you want to see?

However, it's pictured taken with my phone so the quality is not good at all, but it might be fun anyway?

Now the shower is waiting for me, Bye <3

​(Pictures from Google.se) 1. Royal Armory 2. Gröna Lund logo 3. Eclipse ​