Horns and the black fog are becoming the essence of urban living. They surely snatch away the last bit of peace one somehow manages to retain while living in urban India.

And why wouldn’t it be?

The technologically armed human being does not have any regard for the deteriorating environment! It only wants to make a comfortable living!

As a result, the number of registered motor vehicles in India rose from 0.3 million in 1951 to 159.5 million in 2012! Corresponding to it grew the pollution level in Indian cities and townships.

In order to stunt such an alarming rise of unhygienic living environment, the Government of India undertook the National Urban Transport Policy whose main objective is to develop a sustainable urban transport project for a greener and cleaner transport system.

Officials have planned to implement it in 5 Indian cities, among which NayaRaipur will be the first. The other participants are Mysore, Pune, Indore and Pimpri Chinchwad. MoUD’s collaboration with the Naya Raipur Development Authority (NRDA) promises to demonstrate NayaRaipur as the first green and smart city of India!

Wider collaboration for a better realm!

Apart from the Government of India, SUTP has received great support from Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD), World Bank, Global Environment fund (GEF) and United Nations Development Agency (UNDP).

Without their support funding and provision, you would never have witnessed the central government taking such giant steps towards urban transportation modification.

The aims with which they are preceding are-

  • To promote environment friendly transport system nationally
  • To increase the usage of environmentally sustainable transport system through demonstration cities.
  • To make Indian cities the “engines of economic growth” that is at par with the unique geography of that area.

Additionally, the project is nationally monitored by the Project Management Unit (PMU), Project Management Consultant (PMC) and Project Implementation Unit (PIU), all under MoUD.

State-of-the-art technologies that support a greener environment-

Latest technology infused Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) System will be implemented between all the neighboring towns and areas of NayaRaipur. Such a step has taken will a higher aim in minds- to reduce the use public vehicles. The major chunk of CO2 emission arises from excessive numbers of private cars plying the roads.

The urban transport project plans to shift the focus of modes of travelling to Public and non-motorized transportation system. They will make it a point to make the available public transport both higher in quality and more efficient.

The project has planned 3 BRT corridors that will include

  1. East-west axis of NayaRaipur: Between NH 43 and NH 6
  2. 24.7 km: Raipur Railway Station – NH6 – Capital Complex in NayaRaipur
  3. 37.5km: Kabir Nagar- NH43 – Capital Complex in NayaRaipur

Imagine what an amazing transport system will prevail if highly maintained public buses cover such vast areas of the capital city!

In the meantime, the sustainable urban transport project has attracted wide networks of real estate investors to choose NayaRaipur as the future hub of modern residency. With separate building sectors dedicated to education, medical facilities, retail business, IT, entertainment and recreation, the new smart city of India will set urban goals for eco-friendly standards of living!

This smart city india project is the initiation to a greener and better India of tomorrow!