Trying out 2 new health product from

Thursday : rest day is another name for it . Today is the day I let my muscle rest and rebuilt so I am on top again tomorrow . The only thing I am going to do with my muscles today is to form roll . Not the most popular activity in my life . But you got to do what you got to do .

I went to Santa Monica this morning to fix some stuff for the fall semester and I came home an hour ago . Guess what I got ! I got another package . More presents really ! Feels like Christmas . It was a present from the same company that makes the matefit tea I have been drinking every day since I found out about them .

I actually got 2 present . 2 new products that I am very excited to try . The first thing was a product called Super Goji Blast .


And like every product from matefit , it is :

100% Natural100% Non-GMO100% Yum

Our Super Goji Blast is a superfood blend that is created to assist you with you health and wellness. This incredible nutrient rich blend has ingredients that have been extensively researched and studied by professionals. They have crazy amounts of antioxidants, vitamins and other important minerals.

Ingredients: (Organic Goji Berry Powder, Green Coffee Bean Powder, Organic Triphala Powder, Garcinia Cambogia Powder, Purple Aronia Powder and Stevia)

Quantity: 100 grams/ 33 servings

Directions: Add a teaspoon of Super Goji Blast into water, smoothie, yogurt or juice.

Possible Benefits from consuming Super Goji Blast:

  • Burn calories just by drinking it
  • Supporting healthy weight loss
  • Reducing the craving for sugar
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Providing antioxidant protection for the liver
  • Stabilizing blood sugar levels in the body
  • Supporting healthy cholesterol levels
  • Increasing physical performance
  • Improving mood & attention

 I have already tried this product for a few hours ago . It tasted good with just blend it with water . So I can imagine it will taste great in smoothies too. After been drinking it all up I felt how energized I went and my body wormed up . I usually freezy even if it's hot as hell outside . After drinking this goji blend from matefit I felt how I had so much energy so I could run a marathon or take 3 dance classes without a break . But like I said . Today is my rest day ! I am going to drink this product before I go to the gym tomorrow.

The other product is an antioxidant body scrub

You can say goodbye to cellulite and stretch marks, by allowing our scrub to do its magic!Ingredients
  • Organic Coffee Powder--This will help exfoliate any dead skin, reduce cellulite, relaxes your skin and remove acne scars.
  • Organic Cinnamon--This will help treat acne scars, exfoliate any dead skin and improves the health of your skin by increasing blood circulation.
  • Himalayan Salt--This will help cleanse and detoxify your skin. The results of this will be a much healthier and smoother skin!
  • Organic Coconut Oil--This will help soften and smoothes your skin. It will also heals your skin, by providing it with fatty-acids.
  • Pure Lavender Oil--This will help moisturize, tone and help reduce stretch marks.

So excited to try this product from

I wasn't disappointed by the tea and don't think I will be it after using this products either




Dear Purchase Manager,

May you good goji business in coming new year!

We have been in goji more than 13 years,grow convential goji, EU standard and pesticides free, which is ORGANIC standard, no middleman.

And we could make small package according to your request.

Kinldy keep our informaiton for your reference, may this letter interest you. Thank you for precious time!

Best Regards


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