I'm in Sweden this weekend for some much needed chill and family time. It's nice to have a little bit of time out from real life sometimes and Sweden definitely is a place where I can find that.

It's snowy here, which I am very happy about. It's not a real winter unless I have some snow and so far this year I haven't seen any proper snow, so I was happy to see it here.

I've had a lot on my mind lately. A lot of things going on in life at the moment, a lot of changes and new experiences. I start a new job next week, which I am really excited about. I am coming to the end of my degree which is amazing, but crazy to think of. Where did the time go?

This whole blogging adventure has started to take off a bit, which seems so unreal to me. I never started doing this and expecting something to come from it - but it's incredibly exciting and fun of course. Last week I went to my first PR event for a restaurant opening in Brighton and I've started working on my first brand collaborations. It's a funny thing that - working with brands. It's almost a bit of a forbidden topic to talk about in blog world. I'm beyond excited and honoured to have brands reach out and ask to work with me, but I also find it quite intimidating and scary. It's so important to me to keep my integrity in what I do and I would never agree to work with someone if I didn't genuinely enjoy the company and what they stand for. In the beginning however, it does feel a bit weird to say no - which I have done. I question myself wondering if I'm being an idiot saying no to opportunities, because isn't brand collaborations the ultimate goal in blogging world? I don't know. I love working together with other people that I believe are doing really cool things or make a great product, but I am not willing to stand by something I don't full heartedly believe in, ya know? Maybe that means I'm doing this the wrong way or I won't reach success as fast but honestly - if I can't do this my way, I don't want to do it at all.

Just a little reminder to all of you new bloggers out there that, it is ok to say no. If something doesn't feel right, then it isn't. You're building a brand and it's you're name and choice, that's what should come first!

Jumper: Primark / Jeans: Bershka / Belt: Asos / Watch: Time Chain

I'm glad to be home in Sweden this weekend to be honest. It's good to be with family, it's my brother's birthday and like I said it's a good place for me to press pause a bit. Life moves slower here and I think that's doing me some good right now. Time to relax and reflect. It's important to allow yourself times like that too sometimes.

I laughed to myself this morning. As the rest of Instagram is currently at fashion week, I'm in walking boots and chunky jumpers with mud on my jeans walking the dog by the sea. The thing is though, I wouldn't have it any other way. Once a country girl, always a country girl.

Another great thing about going to Sweden is my sister's boyfriend (haha). I've told you before, but Pierre is amazing with a camera so whenever I'm back here we end up shooting and I end up with some new snazzy photos to show you! All of these were of course taken by him! Go give him some love would ya! Say hi to my sister too while you are at it!

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend!

Lot's of love,

Natalie x

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I like this series, it's an excuse to try lots of new places - haha!

This weekend, Chris and I were dog sitters for my pretend dog Red (BorrowMyDoggy for those wondering). The weather was lovely, so we drove down to the Marina and walked a long the sea on the cliff walk between Brighton and Rottingdean.

After about 1,5 hours of walking, we both realised we were quite hungry so we headed over to the Laughing Dog Cafe in Brighton Marina. The greatest thing about this place is that it is dog friendly, so it's basically puppy paradise - which was perfect seeing as we had our little friend with us.

We'd been in here before for a coffee, but never for food. To our pleasant surprise, the menu was big and filled with some really yummy things. After asking the one of the guys working, it also turns out they did gluten free bread and were happy to prepare basically anything on the menu for you completely gluten free - which was amazing. I opted for smashed avocado, chilli flakes and poached egg on toast and a latte (what's new). Chris had a cheese and ham toastie on sourdough (with loads of gluten inside) and an americano!

The food was lovely. Everything felt and tasted really fresh and the sesame seed gluten free toast they used for my sandwich is probably one of the best gluten free breads I've tried (where do I get a hold of this stuff?!). Coffee is good too, 8/10 on the Natalie coffee scale. Haha.

The prices are fair and quite standard for Brighton. There is quite a lot of seating, although it does tend to get very busy on weekends! There is also free wifi and a water bowl for your fury friend.

They also had a massive range of gluten free cakes to try too, but I was a little bit too full for that - which just means I'm going to have to go back again. Completely fine by me. I've eyed up the chocolate kahlua cake...

Another cool thing about this place is that, on top of being a lovely cafe it is also an art and gift shop. After your meal you can browse through sweet gifts, prints from local artists and fun little art pieces which is really nice. They've got some really nice little things in here so if you're in need of a good gift I'd definitely recommend it here (especially for dog lovers)!

The Laughing Dog Cafe is by far my favourite place in Brighton Marina. It is so cosy and perfect for a weekend outing with or without a dog. We don't come to the marina too often, but when we do, I love coming in here and I will definitely be back to try some more things on the menu in the near future!

Brighton Marina has free parking or is a very easy trip on the bus. It is also walkable from town if you fancy moving your legs a bit (and if you do, I would definitely have a walk along the under cliff walk too which is where we went, it is lovely!).

If you're gluten free and in Brighton, this place is definitely worth the visit!

Love Natalie




I know that I am running a lifestyle blog here, but today I want to talk about something very near to my heart, which is the environment. To keep it under the same roof as what I usually post content about I am going to mix some fashion and beauty in with it too.

This is:

'Easy ways to be kind to the planet while still doing and enjoying the things you like!'

1. Fashion

The amount of fabric and products that go to waste every year is actually disturbing. At the end of a season, if clothing in certain shops aren't sold, they just get destroyed. In the US alone, 26 billion pounds of clothing end up in landfills each year. All that was wrong with it was that it never got sold. This is down to rules made by clothing companies and their ownership of their design. They basically don't want anyone to be getting any of their merchandise 'for free' and if they donate it it’s classified as “theft”. To me this is actually one of the saddest things I’ve heard and it really puts me off certain parts of the fashion industry. More on this can be found in this article by the Outline.

The thing is, I really enjoy fashion. I find it fun to dress a certain way and to discover new and fun brands. I’m sure a lot of you guys do too and there’s no shame in that, but just because you enjoy it doesn’t mean you have to have it at the cost of the environment as well.

There are several ways to enjoy fashion and beaty without creating as many dents to the planet! Here are some of my tips:

Thrifting/second hand:
Repurpose things! Second hand shopping is like recycling for fashion. Items get new homes and the more we repurpose, the less resources we need to exploit to create brand new ones. I love second hand shopping! You can find so much fun stuff that you probably couldn’t get from a normal high street store. A lot of the time it is also much easier on the bank. These dungarees are an example:

Charity shops and thrift stores can be found all over the place now. You can also thrift online these days through apps like Depop and Thred Up . I just bought my latest pair of funky trousers on Depop! As well as purchasing off Depop you can also sell your stuff too. Make some money and give items you no longer need and use new homes where they will be appreciated! All around win!

Support small businesses and brands which don't support 'fast-fashion':

Fast-fashion brands are companies that follow every single catwalk trend and mass produce new items at a fast pace and in an inexpensive way. This also means that the quality and sustainability of these items are extremely low.

If second hand shopping isn't for you, maybe try to research brands that are more ethical and sustainable in their creations. Brands that will create good quality, timeless clothing that will last you much longer and can be seen as an investment. There are plenty of them out there!

Another thing to look into are small and local businesses. Here again, you may avoid the mass production fast-fashion items and instead find something that someone has put a lot of time and effort into. Supporting small businesses is also such a great feeling and really makes a difference to the individual behind it.

On the topic of small and local, you should check out Melk ! My friend Jerry runs it and (I would say this even if I didn't know her to be a lovely human being) she makes the cutest stuff while still being ethical and mindful about it.

2. Beauty

The same things I spoke about above, apply to beauty products in many ways as well. It may not be very easy to purchase them second hand, but you can purchase from smaller businesses and also be aware of what ingredients are going into them.

There are a few things that are really important to me when it comes to beauty products. Animal testing is one - I won't have it and I am not ok with it. There are so so many amazing brands that are completely cruelty free and do an amazing job, so the fact that this is still a thing I find really hard to wrap my head around.

The second thing is ingredients. Where are they from, are they natural and locally sourced? I want to know what's inside. If I can't pronounce it, do I really want to be smothering myself in it?

If you're looking for some cool beauty brands, I really like Skin and Tonic who are a completely natural and hand made beauty brand based in London. Odylique is another organic and natural brand as well as Knight and Wilson which do hair care that is cruelty free. Watch this space as I will be doing some more detailed posts on these guys in the future!

3. Food and drink

Another extremely wasteful industry in our world, is food. We waste so much food.

How do we fix this? Well for starters - just buy what you need. Be mindful in your choices. Check where the food is coming from and rule of thumb, keep it as fresh and natural and local as possible.

Meat is a big topic when it comes to the environment. I am just going to break it to you and say right now, I am not a vegan, nor am I a vegetarian - but I do still think that we eat way too much meat. If you're not willing to give it up completely, maybe start with having it less. There are so many great foods to eat that are veggie or vegan, I don't know why some people get so hung up on there having to be meat in every single meal. To get started why not try something like meat free Mondays?

Like I just said, I haven't labelled myself under any specific diet, but I am cautious about what I eat. If I'm ordering take out, I'd rather choose the veggie option as I don't know where the meat they are using has come from and what kind of life it had. If I'm in Sweden with my dad and we buy fish from a local fisherman however, then I will eat it. I know its local, fresh and from the wild and the fisherman has only caught what he needed that day. I know that's not how everyone wants to look at it, and some may think we should stop eating animal products all together and I respect that. This is just how I see it. I eat from sources I am ok with and where I know what went down before it ended up on my plate. Mass producing, foul conditioned caged meat and dairy industries however - no thank you. Look it up - if you are ok with what you see and how they are treated - I can't argue with you sadly. If not - maybe think twice. You're chicken nugget didn't always look like that, did it?

The meat industry is not the only problem though, it's our eating habits as a whole. We eat too much, we buy too much and we waste too much. We buy out of season produce because thanks to technology we can still have them whenever we wish. Snacks, ready meals, take out - there is so much to get your hands on these days and it's sometimes a little bit disturbing.

Obviously humans need food to survive, and the right food can be an incredible experience for your body and your taste buds too. I'm not saying we should stop eating or enjoying our food, I am however saying again that, we could be a lot more cautious over what we are eating, how much we are wasting and where it came from before it ended up on the plate. A few simple tweaks from every individual could make such an impact as a whole.

On the drink topic, there are two MAJOR things you can easily change right now: plastic straws and take away coffee cups. These two dudes are massive contributors to a negative impact on the environment yet so easily replaced. Loads of coffee places are selling reusable coffee cups now and if you have one you very often will get a discount too. A lot of them also come in very cute shapes and colours. Plastic straws. Why do we still use so many plastic straws. I know straws are fun to slurp your beverage through but straws don't have to be plastic. Metal and reusable? Of biodegradable materials at least?! The amount of plastic straws that end up in the ocean is insane and can so easily be prevented.

To finish this all off, I am not saying you need to get up tomorrow and turn your world upside down and become an eco warrior. I am definitely not perfect myself when it comes to my choices. I know I still own clothing from fast-fashion brands and I am sure I have been guilty of throwing food away. I am also guilty of using paper cups for my take away coffee if I forget my reusable one. It's a learning curve. Realistically you're not going to change everything and become the perfect human over night, but I wanted to write this post as a little reminder to maybe try and take a few steps in the right direction. Be a little more cautious of your actions. If everyone just made a little change in their ways - even if it was just one of the things I mentioned above, it would make a big difference.

I shall end all of this by quoting my own jumper (real cool) - "there is no planet B"

...and on that note, speak soon.

Love, Natalie x




I hope you've had a lovely weekend?! Mine was great!

Sunday morning I woke up and hopped the train into London Victoria, had a leisurely stroll towards Sloane Square and met with Caroline at The Good Life Eatery for brunch. Caroline and I are from the same place in Sweden and she's only just moved over to London, so it was really nice to have a catchup together. Such a lovely human.

The Good Life Eatery is the kind of place where I want to try every single thing on the menu. So many good options! After about 5 billion years of trying to decide I went for coconut yoghurt, granola and fresh fruit. It didn't disappoint.

After brunch we strolled around the shops near Sloane Square. I forget what a lovely little part of London that is. Not too busy and very nice little places to have a look at. After a few hours together we parted ways and I was then joined by my friend Rebecca. Rebecca is the first friend I ever made when I moved to London over 3,5 years ago and I'm very thankful to know this lovely human being. A visit to London is not complete without seeing her.

We walked around in the areas between Sloane Square and Victoria Station and stumbled upon the cutest little streets with shop windows like the one above. Can my house look like this please??

This very street is also the home of Peggy Porschen Cakes and if you've ever entered Instagram world you've probably seen this place before. It is quite the hype!

Like every other basic gal on planet earth, I of course had my picture taken in front of the cafe...but then we moved on down the road and had chocolate cake and coffee at a different place that didn't have a mile long queue out front. I don't have patience for that! haha.

It is extremely cute here though, I will tell you that.

At 6-ish I hopped the train back to Brighton again, absolutely exhausted. I had a lovely day but London makes me so tired! So many people, so many impressions. I think this is why I don't live there anymore, it's a bit overwhelming for a country girl like me, haha. Got home to my favourite Chris and his homemade paella. How lucky am I.

Thank you to my lovely ladies for hanging out with me! I'm so happy I get to spend time with such beautiful friends.

Love Natalie xx



I visited Gail's Bakery on 157 Church Road together with Georgia for a Saturday morning brunch date yesterday. I'd been in once or so before but only while passing and wanting to grab a quick coffee, so this was my first time actually sitting down having a meal. I don't venture into the lovely streets of Hove too often, being the "east Brightoner" that I am. Every time I come I always leave wondering why I don't do it more often though, so I shall try and make more of an effort in the future.

To start off, let's talk about the space. The interior of Gail's is stunning. A large venue with a lot of different seating areas and tables set over two floors. The upstairs is definitely my favourite. Big windows, exposed brick walls and huge plants - what's not to love! It's a great place for people watching and daydreaming and they also have easily accessible wall sockets too which is always a bonus in my book as I always seem to be running low on juice in my phone or laptop!

What to eat?
Here's the thing. Gail's Bakery is a bakery (pretty obvious by the name huh) and unfortunately bakeries aren't always a gluten allergic stomach's best friend. With that being said, I still enjoyed myself nonetheless. The staff were extremely helpful when I asked about what I could eat and helped me figure out the best option for me, which ended up being a big bowl of porridge served with almond butter (YUM). Thankfully, I'm not deathly sensitive to gluten and plain oats are fine in my book. However, if you are a coeliac who is extremely gluten allergic and sensitive, I would probably opt for something else as with oats that aren't labelled "gluten free" there's always a risk that they may contain traces. Fear not though, they had other things such as greek yoghurt and fruit compote that looked very delicious too.

If you're lucky enough to have a body that does allow you to eat gluten. Gail's is basically heaven!
I was almost tempted to take the consequences and ignore the allergies because everything looked so good, but that would be irresponsible and I don't actually think poisoning myself over a croissant is very good long term thinking...

Georgia had a beautiful creation of mushrooms and goats cheese on sourdough and it looked and (confirmed by her) tasted amazing. They kindly also gave us some things to take home when we left as well, so I've fed Chris some of their sourdough and olive bread and a chocolate tart since and he seemed very very happy about them too (thank you so so much for hooking us up by the way!).

Back to that food of mine. Porridge is porridge some might say, but porridge is basically one of the biggest staples of my diet, I know my porridge: porridge is not just porridge, ok.

Shall we say porridge one more time?

The porridge at Gail's was delicious. Very creamy and great choices for toppings - I opted for almond butter, but you could have honey or fruit and such as well. The portion was huge, so you won't be left hungry either. I ate this together with my standard drink of choice - a latte, which was good too. However, if you're a coffee snob and only going purely for a coffee I'd say there are other places in Brighton that focus more on that and will give you a greater coffee experience. If you want a lovely place to hangout and delicious things to eat however, Gail's is your place. I loved the vibe and the coffee was still a very good standard cup of coffee.

Coffee not your thing? Not a worry, they have a massive selection of really fun cold drinks to try too.
Vegan? That's fine too - I noticed a lot of vegan options as well, such as a coconut and chia seed pudding (which I'm definitely having next time!).

All in all, if you're in the area - Gail's is a great place to visit. It's perfect for a weekend brunch with friends as it's big, has a lot of different food options and is very friendly and casual. The interiors are lovely and it's also a great place to go and get some work done on your laptop any day during the week. Big tables and lot's of natural light - a great place to feel inspired.

For all you gluten free people out there, I'll be honest and say the selection isn't the biggest I've seen but the staff are really lovely and helpful when it comes to allergens, so I'd still definitely recommend a visit. Maybe they'll start creating some more gluten free alternatives in the future - I'd love to see what they would make as everything else in there looked absolutely delicious.

For the rest of you, Gail's is 100% worth a visit. If you love all things bread and cake you will love this. They even have a chocolate sourdough? What!!
If you go, please try all the breads and baked goods for me and think of me while you do so...

Happily swinging my bag of goods as we left! Massive brownie points in the girlfriend world when you bring home the baked goods... ha ha.

Thank you very much for having us Gail's - I'll definitely be back.



Pink jeans. Who would of thought I'd wear pink jeans. I don't even like pink that much and now all of a sudden I am wearing pink jeans. I don't know what made me change my mind - but I'm not against it!

Jeans: Bohoo / Top: Topshop / Belt: Asos / Shoes: Zara / Knitted jumper: Primark

Recently, I seem to have become a bit obsessed with funky trousers. Patterns, weird details, new colours - you name it and I am on it. These pink mum jeans are a new addition to my wardrobe and i found them in the Bohoo sale for £9 - win!

As they are pink - I chose to keep the rest of the outfit very simple and stuck to a nice and safe colour palette of black and white. I am wild - I know.

Here paired with a white simple t-shirt, that black belt that everyone is wearing at the minute and black loafers from Zara.

Sale season is a great time to branch out and try things that you might want to wear but don't usually opt for. I usually chicken out on anything too outside of the box as I don't want to be spending lot's of money on clothing that might just end up collecting dust in my wardrobe.

When the sales are on - you can get a "riskier" piece of clothing out of the usual for much less and if you don't use it as much as you wish it's not the end of the world when you decide to donate it or sell it on second hand.

Save the pennies for the staple pieces that are worth the investment!!
(I'll make a different post on that in the future)

Love Natalie x




So some of you may not know this but, my body hates gluten. A lot. Therefore I sadly cannot eat it (R.I.P beer and pizza). Thankfully, being gluten free in today's world isn't as hard as it seems and I can basically still eat most things - I just have to make sure I read the ingredients and find a good dupe!

I love visiting new cafés and food places and Brighton has SO MANY. Therefore I thought I'd start a new series here on the blog of "gluten free eats" where I talk to you about places I go and try and what they are like (and even if you're not gluten free I'm sure you'll still enjoy these places too).

Black Mocha has been a favourite of mine here in Brighton for a long time. Located in the North Laines, this cozy little café is probably best known for it's hot chocolate. They have three different kinds: white, milk and dark. Chris and I have tried all and can confirm they are all insanely tasty.

What you may not know about Black Mocha however is that they have THE BEST selection of gluten free cakes and treats. Usually most cafés will have maybe one or two options for those trying to avoid gluten and 9/10 times these options are either a brownie or a polenta cake of sorts. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these two things but ya know - sometimes it is nice to try other things too!

At Black Mocha basically the entire baked goods part is gluten free, which is amazing. There's banana bread, cookies, muffins, apple and cinnamon cake and pictured above carrot cake just to name a few. They also serve great food and things like granola and chia pudding if you're not wanting to have so much sugar (but erhm hello who are you?).

During my last visit I tried the carrot cake for the first time and 10/10 would recommend to a friend. It has pistachio nuts in it and is super light and fluffy which is a hard thing to achieve when you are baking gluten free.

As much as I've just raved about the hot chocolate, hot chocolate and cake together is a little bit too much sweetness at once in my book. Good thing they also make (in my opinion) one of Brighton's best cups of coffee as well. Lattes are always my go to, so that's what I had this time as well.

Are you vegan? No problem - much of their foods and cakes are not only gluten free but vegan as well! They also do non dairy milk alternatives. There is definitely something for everyone here!

Not only is the food and drink lovely, but the space is beautiful too. Located over two floors the upstairs is nice and airy with big tables perfect if you need to do some work on your laptop. They also have wifi which is a massive bonus too.

As you can tell, I don't really have anything bad to say about this place and if you're a Brightoner and yet to try it or just someone who is in Brighton for a visit, I cannot recommend this place enough!

Love Natalie x




This morning I went to an event organised by One Girl Band here in Brighton. It was a "coffee morning" where a group of ladies came to discuss what they do, what it's like being a one girl band and network with each other. It was a really interesting morning and I left feeling insanely motived and inspired by all the lovely people I had a chance to meet with.

One Girl Band is a collective which offers female entrepreneurs support and encouragement to each other. They also have a female only co-working space where you can hot-desk, which is also where today's event (and other events) was held. This space is also beautiful by the way (see pictures!!)

Lola, who was running the event. had us all introduce ourselves and then we discussed different topics of what it's like working for yourself and creating your own things. Being a one girl band basically. All sorts of women from graphic designers to jewellery makers to set designers to YouTube and blog runners where there and it was really interesting to hear what everyone had to say and also discuss some of the issues one as a women might encounter while being a one girl band.

If you're a Brighton based entrepreneur I definitely recommend checking them out, joining their Facebook group and maybe attending one of their events. I had such a lovely time and it was really nice to meet some new people.

If you're not from the Brighton area, I can't recommend enough having a look around your local area to see what is out there. Step out of the comfort zone! Start attending things and meeting people. I've definitely stepped outside of my box this month with networking and meeting new people and although it makes me incredibly nervous, it is so rewarding. Just because you're a one girl band trying to do your own thing does not mean you have to be lonely while doing so.

Love Natalie




Hey guys! Busy times over here which means posts aren't as frequent unfortunately. I want to be sure that if and when I write a post on here it's of good quality and worth your read and therefore I've had to live by the "quality over quantity" attitude when it comes to this space at the minute.

Today I'm going to chat to you about something very close to my heart, which is chronic illness. Many of you probably don't know that when I was 16 I was diagnosed with an illness called Ehler Danlos Syndrome. It is a connective tissue disorder which causes me chronic pain and fatigue on a daily basis. In the past I've chosen not to speak about it much as I really didn't want people to think of me any differently because of it, but since meeting a newfound friend of mine called Jerry, my opinion has changed a little.

One of the best things about the internet is the ability to share and relate with others. Since I choose to put a lot of my life online and have a few platforms that I do so on, I have a great opportunity to use these as a place to discuss important things which is why I'm sharing all of this today.

Many chronic illnesses are often referred to as "invisible illnesses" as they aren't anything that are visible from the outside and unless you know a person has one you'll probably never of guessed that this may be the case. Because they're not visible to the naked eye, many people that suffer from them find it incredibly hard to explain themselves or find others to relate to. You'll get questioned if you're lying, being overdramatic or lazy or just attention seeking if you try and explain to others what you are experiencing or why you might have to cancel plans. The only way we can solve this issue is if more people speak openly about it and raise their voices to create awareness that these illnesses exist. It's hard to be open minded to something you don't understand, but with more awareness and knowledge it may become a little bit easier.

I've come a very long way since I was 16 and got diagnosed. I've learned an awful lot over the past 7 years about my body and my mind and how to function and today, although still something that affects me daily, I find myself managing just fine. I've been lucky to have a good support system and a lot of great opportunities in life that have kept me motivated but if you've just been diagnosed with an illness and you're confused and scared then you may not be feeling so sure.

Last Thursday, I met with Jerry (mentioned above). We got in touch on YouTube and started chatting and by coincidence turns out we both suffer from a chronic illness. You know when you meet someone and everything they say freakishly makes sense and you relate so much it's weird? This is Jerry.

Anyway, she's currently running a series on her YouTube channel which is called "the not alone project" where she interviews people each week about different chronic illnesses and mental health issues and I was very honoured to be a part of an episode which went live yesterday!

She asked me some really intersting questions which hopefully I provided some somewhat ok answers to and hopefully you'll want to have yourself a watch (and after go give her some love for creating such a great thing).

When you're done with that, I thought I would ad that we also filmed a completely different video for my channel that day and if you're not sick of our faces yet I would love if you watched that too! I post new videos every Sunday over on my YouTube and I'm having so much fun making them at the moment!

Hope you're having a lovely Monday!

Speak soon
Natalie xx



I did it. I bought dungarees. I have absolutely zero regrets. They are amazing.
I am now a 90s soccer mum. Fight me.

I've seen people wear these for a while now and I'm pretty sure they're one of those love/hate things in the fashion world. I'm on the love side. More dungarees for everyone! I've been searching for the perfect pair for a while now and finally found them at Beyond Retro in Brighton. I think second hand / vintage is definitely the way to go if you are hunting for dungarees. The denim is softer, the fit is better, the quality is higher. Denim in general is just a lot better from second hand / vintage stores in my opinion. They knew what was up back in the day!

Buying clothing second hand is also a lot better for the environment, which is something I'm always about too.

Jumper: Forever 21 / Dungarees: Beyond Retro / Boots: H&M

What are your thoughts on these bad boys? Love them? Hate them?
Don't worry - I won't be offended, haha!

Love Natalie x