The time for people in my age to start school again and I´m going to a new school. But more on that later.

Today I want to share a remix I did two days ago.

I was sitting with my Daw and inspiration was not hitting me so I searched for Wavo and went to Competitions.

And downloaded stems and started working on this Remix. And I knew at some point how I wanted it to sound.

So I where just searching and searching untill I found something that was similar to how I wanted it to sound and made a easy melody bass kind of thing. And slowly worked on the other parts of the track and now my remix has entered the competition and as in all competitons you want to bee seen so If you want others to hear that remix please vote for me. I´ll put the link below. Enjoy// Naites

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So today I want you to get a picture on how music is made today.

Most of the music today is made on a computer and the most of you already know that but how can u make music on your computer? do you push a button and your music is done?

Not really.

You use a program so called DAW ( Digital Audio Workstation)

And inside your DAW you can start making music. And inside your DAW you have infinite possibilities. You can create music from how you want it to sound. From melodies to chords and sounds. You can create it all inside a DAW.

But wait, how many DAWs are there?

Actually i´m not sure of how many but I know about a few and also tried some of them out. So hear is my list of DAWs

Ableton Live:

Logic Pro x : ( apple)

Fl Studio : (windows)

Cubase :

Pro Tools :

The difference between these DAWs aren´t that big. You can do almost the same things with all of them but how you do them and how you work is the big difference.

So which should i choose?

I would say choose one and settle with that one. Learn how you do everything in and out and it doesn´t matter which one you choose. But if you have mac for example you need a DAW that works with Mac so you should be aware of which DAW that works with your computer.

And if you didn´t knew already I use FL Studio by Image Line and the workflow is INSANE! The fastest workflow of all the DAWs I think that´s why It´s used by alot of people. But if you are interested in starting producing music you should check these Daws out and compare them and choose one, and stick with that. Belive me when I say It´s hard to go from one DAW to another!

Hope you liked this post and Enjoy the rest of the day // Naites



I wrote about the dutch duo Dubvision. Sure their music are amazing. But is it the best Edm that the Netherlands has to offer?

No, absolutely not. The Netherlands are so good at Edm it´s insane. The best in the world.

But how can you say that? How can they be so insane?

For real, i don´t really know why the are so successful, but I think Tiesto has alot to do with that. Also the Dutch record label Spinnin' is bringing forth amazing producers and tracks, in all the diffrent genres that´s Edm.

But to get an insight in how, I think you first need to know about a few of the most well known producers and Dj:s.

When I think of Dutch Edm I think of Tiesto, Hardwell, Martin Garrix, Jay Hardway and Armin van Buuren. The list goes on, BELIVE ME. But the most interesting thing is these names. Those four are ranked the top 4 Dj:s in the world after the belgium duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike.. That holds the Nr 1 place on the Dj Mag top 100 Dj:s (2015). From the Top Five, four of them are from The Netherlands. So Yeah. Dutch Edm is the best Edm country in the world if you want to rank countries. Mabey you think, but that´s the bigroom dj:s and they can´t do tropical house or deep house. If that´s what you were thinking then think again. They have sick producers in every Edm genre. Sam Feldt and Don Diablo is a few of them that I have been listening to alot lately. Be sure to check them out and If you have any other ideas or things you didn´t think felt right you can contact me here :

Enjoy // Naites



I have a Story for you.Hope you like it so here we go.

It was a late night and my mother were watching tv. And a new program were starting. Avicii:s house for hunger. At that time we all knew about his song Le7els. I was listening at some of his music, Fade into Darkness i think. But when the program started and I saw a clip of him playing at a festival with fireworks , pyro and all that stuff I was blown away. And I thought how cool isn´t that, I want to do that! I remember asking my parents that, how hard can that be or how does he make that music on his computer. So I google on Avicii making music with what or something like that. And found a program called Frooty Loops. And on their website it was wrote that Avicii was using that exact program. So I downloaded the Demo, tried it out for two months. And then when i showed my father that I weren´t able to save my projects and go back into them on demo version he bought the chepest version. And i continued to make melodies, watch youtube videos on making music inside Frooty Loops. And after a year I got ticets to his truetour show as a birthday gift. That night I got handed a pice of paper while going home from what I want to describe as one of the best days in my life and I went there with my best friend. and when we were on our way home I read the pice of paper I was handed. Ap academy a course in musicproduction was what I remeber from the paper. And after some time of pitching this course to my dad he paid Alot of money for me to go to the basic course of FL, Frooty Loops. And that sort of got me o were I am today and why I´m going to move to study in a musical school in sweden. Avicii or Tim has had a huge impact on me my life and my time spent behind a computer and listening to music. But now he is taking a break from touring and I haven´t seen him live since the truetour show in Stockholm.

Tim is a inspiration for many young producers like me and the music he has been delivering is MIND BLOOWING!

And after listening to his set on Ultra Miami I know that the unrelesed songs he is holding on to is all at least as good as the songs he has already made. A true inspiration always. The reason why I make music. I just hope you like and support him as much as I do. And if you wanna hear his Ultra Miami set here is the link!

Avicii Your the King! I will always be grateful for you making me find something I Enjoy doing so much! So bumbed I will miss your show in Malmö! Going to Weekend Festival instead so it´s not so bad but still really sad for missing you live. 

Enjoy// Naites



Hello again. Today I´ve been listening to alot of music and I just need to share some of the tracks. It´s some goodies for the modern ones.

First things first. energetic and powerful tracks. Amazing for Festivals? No? Then listen to this Dutch Duo that just happens to be brothers. They recently left Spinnin' Records. Do you know what duo I´m talking about?

Yes Dubvision of course. And I must admit that they have grown in my eyes. Their productions are soo good. And I do lose it when i listen to their best tracks. And one song that got me into Dubvision is "I Found Your Heart"

The track has so much energy but still some parts were the Vocal just makes me feel like I can dream of anything. Straight forward. Fat drop and beautiful melody and Insanely beautiful Vocal. For the nerds I think the vocal consists of alot of reeverb to fill the room and also some delay. I´m also blown away by the vocal chops that are put in as a supportive layer in the drop. Okey enaugh said and on to the music, here´s the link to "I Found Your Heart" But before you click the link be sure to check out Turn it around and Broken also made by Dubvision. Amazing tracks also.

Dubvision ft Emeni - I Found Your Heart :

That was al little about Dubvision, but today I also rediscovered a song that is more of a groovy chill refreshing spinnin' deep track. And it´s from Ferdinand Weber. A originality that really speak to me. Not that plucky Kygo sound that´s all over the music industry. Even though Kygo:s music is mind blowing from time to time we search for new music and new sounds. I hope to hear more of Ferdinand Weber. And that some originality can find it´s way out to the whole world. Break trough the wall of Kygo copies and fall in the hands on the people of the world.

Ferdinand Weber - What :

Hope you find the Information and songs good and Enjoy and Good Night// Naites 



​Hello, day two with this blog. Today I want to write about what music means to me and why. 

I listen to music at all times. It´s a way to connect with your emotions. And there is music for every emotion. It also connects with memories. When you hear an old song you start to remember things. Strong memories that are connected with that song. Music is important for many people and I think you can understand why. 

But for me music is´nt just important, it´s more than that. You may think more than that, how? 

Well I make music everyday and today is no exception, I spend so much time listening to music , making music it starts to feel like it´s all i do. But ofc I do other things but that´s for another post. 

Have a nice day and Enjoy!// Naites  



Hello Guys! On this blog I will write and "Blog" About my lIfe. What I do and so on.

But I will also try to teach you about Edm and all there is. From what i´ve read, watched or learned. How music is made and that it´s not just pressing a button. Yeah pretty much me and my music.

Enjoy! // Naites