Have you ever wondered if you're standing between 2 options in which both of them are "a must"?

My life is actually standing between both of them. I'm a student yet an athlete at the same time. People sometimes ask like "How can u manage ur time between studying and practicing?" "How can u manage to get good scores and complete those projects on time?". Well, to be honest, living a life as two is so freaking hard. Since both of it are my priorities. It's tiring when I came back from my training place which is in Pluit at 9:30 p.m. and having a biology/chem/physics/ science maths in the next day and also projects at the same time.

Lack of sleep is also a friend of mine. I got back from training place at 9:30 and came back home somewhere around 10. Then tidy up and stuffs till like 10:30 and finally start studying and did things for the next day. Probably it took me 3 hours to study for bio and 1 hour for doing projects. Not thinking about the homework since I can copy from my friends or I finish those in class. I only got 3-5 hours of sleep per day which is making me sleepy at most times.

What I'm confused with is, why do people always complained that my life is better than theirs? Is it only bcs of them looking at me travelling worldwide for comps? Have they ever wondered how tiring my life is on each days? :)

- nadya -




So basically, I'm moving myself up from wordpress to nouw. Hopefully it'll be easier for me to write and post everything here since wordpress is very hard to use.

Well, since it's a new blog I'mma make an introduction of myself here! I'm 16, coming up to 17 by next year (2017). The only kid in the family which makes me a little bit more selfish compare to normal people but I'm trying to reduce it since it's not good. I'm wearing braces for 4 years and don't know how much longer it will stuck on my teeth. I'm a wushu athlete but loving basketball, badminton, volley, billiard, bowling, ice skating and soccer too! I do play musical instruments too like piano, violin and guitar. I'm only 159 cm tall and weigh somewhere around 58-59 kgs. I'm wearing glasses with -2.5 in each. I do have a youtube channel as well! The link is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0HDycwp97qhBbcFbXgcJYA ( kindly subscribe, comment and like!). This post marks my first post as well as my 2016 last post since I'm going abroad tomorrow so yea! see ya fellas :)

goodnight and have a great holiday!

Merry Late Christmas and Happy New Year! :)



hi everyone! so i make nouw as my new blog overhere. So Sorry I keep on changing my blog since I don't really get used to wordpress. So now I'm blogging from school, basically chilling on a chair and watching some movie in Bahasa Indonesia period.

​Who I really am?

My full name is Nadya Permata Setiawan, oftenly called as Nadya or Dea. I was born in Jakarta on the 1st of October 2000. I am the only kid in the family. Just turned 16 last month, and it makes me sit in 11th Grade Science degree of Mahatma Gading School. Rather than a student, I am also an athlete. I am one of the athletes of DKI Jakarta Senior and Junior Wushu Team, and also registered as an Indonesian Junior Wushu Athlete since 2014. 

Rather than Wushu, I fell in love with musical instruments too. My mom introduced me to Piano when I was 3 years old. And then I introduced myself to Violin when I was 6 and also in Guitar when I was 12. 

Oh yes, rather than that, kindly follow my social medias:

Instagram : nadya_permataa

youtube : Nadya Permata Setiawan

see you in my next post!