Sorry for no update.

I've been very busy. It has been a lot i school and I have exercised a lot. I have also celebrated my birthday and I have also been to the pride parade.

I have also painted my ceiling white, so right now I'm putting back the furniture into my room.

Today we got some photos taken of our class. I think the photos were okay although I was very tired.

When I got home today, I did my homework and then I watched an episode of a Swedish serie called "Wahlgrens Värld". It's a series about the family Wahlgren. The mom is a famous singer and she lives with three of her four children.

Tomorrow I will start school at 9 am so I'm going to bed now.

Goodnight, Nadja



Ordinary school day

So today was a pretty tough day.

I started school at 8.10 am and the first lesson was engineering. It was the best lesson I had today. We tried to do some CADs (Computer-aided design) and it was so much fun! CAD is when you use a program in your computer to design something.

After 90 minutes of engineering, I had 90 minutes of break and I was so bored! That's one of the reasons I created this blog. I also thought this would be a great way to learn English.

Then it was time for maths. The math lesson was okay, it was only 60 minutes and I like math so it wasn't that hard.

Finally it was time for lunch. In my school, all students gets the lunch free and today's meal was something called "Flying Jacob". That is a meal with chicken, banana, bacon, whipped cream, peanuts and chili sauce. It was really good!

After the lunch we had PE and the thing we did was disc golf. It is played using similar rules to golf but you use a flying disc instead of golf club and golf ball. It was cold and wet in the grass because of the rain, so my shoes and socks got really wet and I started freezing.

The last lesson of the day was German. We talked a lot about the German election and what the Federal Chancellor's responsibilities are. At 4.40 pm the school ended.

Right now I'm very tired. I have walked a lot today. It took me 20 minutes to walk from my school to the place we had PE at, all we did when we had PE was walk and it took 40 minutes to walk to another school where we have German.

Tonight I'm going to eat, listen to music, play my guitar, play my piano and do maths.

Hope you enjoyed my first post!

xoxo Nadja