people think being gay or lesbian is sin or in someway it makes you a freak of natural in their eyes. i think its wrong to treat someone differently because of the way they dress or color of their skin or because they are in love with the same sex or arent a man or woman in love, instand they are a two men or two women in love. i think thats dumb to judge someone by that or to judge then because they are different. when i was kid i knew i was different not because of my distabiles but because i diden't look at men the nornal way your suppose to, and i felt all thoses butterflys and stuff your suppose to feel with them for women. but back then i was young and confuse and didn't know what lesbian or being gay was, i just knew that my feelings weren't normal and that scary..  it scary me because we all rise to believe that girls marry boys and then have kids, and the end and if we didnt follow that plan then we would be different or outcast. heck even the holy book of god saids we are sinners by being lesbian or gay but i will tell you this, i dont believe any crap in that book. besides i like think we make our own fate and that if god really wanted us to be all the same why did he make us so different, maybe because he diden't see us as lost causes but saw our differences as strength, so maybe he saw me coming out of the closet before i did.   anyways maybe we judge each other for the wrong things. besides i like to think me being lesbian is me just being true to myself by being myself when for so long i was pretending to be someone other and was sad and felt broken and empty because of it but once i look in the mirror and clearly realize who i really was, A proud lesbian woman who's no longer afraid.  i am not telling everyone who's still in the closet to come out since i know how they feel and pushing or forcing someone out of the whole being gay closet when they are not ready themselfes is totally uncool and wrong. some people need more time before they are ready to accept that part of themselfes or they just need to find enough strength to say it out aloud in front of others.  people who knew me from high school throught me being lesbian now was phase but it isn't, i wasn't ready to come out back then but i am way past ready since i been out of my closet for like three or four years now.  i am happy i came out but when i did i was so scary to death but few mintures after i did i felt like that hole i had in my heart was totally close since i diden't feel lost or empty anymore, i felt like this was who i was meant to be. even know i basically have no friends now i still think i make the right choice.