So, this is the last post that I will post. And it is a mission from my English teacher, it’s a text about Martin Luther King. I had to do it to get the permission, so I could do this trip.

So why do Americans celebrate Martin and how do they do? I guess the answer is that they celebrate Martin because it seems like a day to promote equal rights for all the Americans, regardless of their background. That everyone should be treated the same. Some educational institutes have this day to mark the work he did and the struggle against racism and racial segregation. A good day to remind yourself what you stand for, are you a racist or do you stand up to racism?

It was rather short about him, because I found out that we should write about him this weekend.


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Okay, so I have now been traveling across the US and it’s time for me to summarize my experiences.

The first difference I think is that they are so much more kinder in the US than in Sweden. They’re like so helpful and you can ask AnyWho about everything that comes up in your mind. Maybe is the US people more kind overall than Swedish and just like chill, because in Sweden it’s rude to ask somebody about stuff. Specially about more like tabu related things, for an example feminism. I I actually had a very special talk with a woman in New York, we talked about feminism and Donald Trump. Because Trump is a very sexist person and I said that yeah, it’s a bit taboo to talk about feminism in Sweden, because simple everyone have been called a male hater (you hate men and think they are less worthy) if they have said that “I am a feminist”. It was really funny to hear the women talk about it. “The women in black”.

The weather, I think it is like the same as in Sweden, okay, well it’s warmer here in the US. We have like 14 plus grades today, and in Sweden 2 grades. But in the US they also have snow, they have springtime, autumn and summer. Some years is it more snow than others. This year was it really snowing, so the weather isn’t so different. Just a bit…

The food, I think my weight is like 10 more kilos now. It’s so much fast food. I like it or I rather LIKED it. Until now, we ate fast food every day in like two weeks or more. In Sweden we have fast food, but not this amount. I know four fast food places in Sweden it is Max, mcdonalds, Burger king and Pizza Hut. They haven’t Max in US but they have “The 20 most successful fast food places in the US”. Isn’t that sick? It’s sixteen more places on a list than in Sweden. But okay, I have met a lot of Americans and the most of them. You now like you can see on them that they have a lot of fast food restaurants. :P LOL

A thing that I thought about yesterday, in the US we’re not about to take off our shoes. But in Swe we have to, it’s like an unwritten rule. You have to take off your shoes, that’s not even a question. But if you take off your shoes in US they’re like “wtf dude, what you doing?” Well, I’ll think that’s a bit nasty because then you have a lot of dirt in the house.

And let’s talk about the country sizes, US are huge. It took me like a couple of days to drive across the US from east to west. In Sweden it takes around 5-6 hours to go from east to west. It’s incredible, I like Sweden more for that. Because it takes so long time to go from east to west, and what if you have cousins on the other side? Well of course you could take the flight but if you do like me then you take the car. But I do not regret that I took the car, because without the car I couldn’t see this much that I have. Well, it’s a lot more people here in the US, so I thought it would be funnier to live here. Because they also have big artists like Justin Bieber, think of that you go and shop and then you just meet Justin. It would be so cool. Really cool.

Hmm, a problem that came up was “lagom” in English, what is that? And “fika”? Do you say it’s bad or super good?. It’s so complicated. Well, maybe you say it’s just right or just enough. When you say just right, for me, is it like “good”. And in Sweden we call it “fika” but what do we say in English? You can’t say “have coffee?” (that’s what google translate says). It’s not the same. I actually asked a person and he says that the nearest you could say is “you wanna grab a coffee sometime?”. And that’s definitely not the same as “fika” dot.

Hmm, a problem that came up was “lagom” in English, what is that? And “fika”? Do you say it’s bad or super good?. It’s so complicated. Well, maybe you say it’s just right or just enough. When you say just right, for me, is it like “good”. And in Sweden we call it “fika” but what do we say in English? You can’t say “have coffee?” (that’s what google translate says). It’s not the same. I actually asked a person and he says that the nearest you could say is “you wanna grab a coffee sometime?”. And that’s definitely not the same as “fika” dot.

In the US there you have to buy your own breakfast because it usually does not exist on the hotels. In Sweden hotel breakfast ordinarily is included in the prize. I think that sucks because I need breakfast the minute I get up otherwise I become a monster.

So that was a little comparison from my USA trip!



Hello guys, hope you are well Iam.

My network do not work and that’s so boring because that destroys everything. So we have traveled against Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada and now we are in Kalifornien. I can tell you a bit about every place and we begin with Minnesota.

Minnesota was a beautiful city. So kind and pretty people and they were really helpful. I have visited Mall of America which was so cool and it was much bigger than i thought. I’ve never seen anything like that in all my life before. We ate at Cadillac Ranch, which hit the spot. In the MOA there was a Nickelodeon Universe, the rides were really funny and it was a great place to make fun memories at. I can’t wait to go back there. We have also visited Valleyfair which is an huge park with rides and a water park, one of the best parks I have visited so far. And you can’t guess what, we visited a water park, again!! Waterpark Of America, it was so disgusting. The floors were filled with gum, hair and filth, the locker rooms was so tiny so it was not enough place to change clothes. Minnesota was a really adventurous city. Their capital has a funny name, Saint Paul it sounds like an artist.

So in South Dakota we just slept over, my first thought about South Dakota was “ wow a nature city/land” it wasn’t so much “city”. But South Dakota has a lot of high schools and universities, around 30. Hmm, I don’t know if I have missed tell you something now… But okay, so Wyoming it was also an “nature city” but the difference is that Wyoming is so beautiful. We didn't do anything or visited anything, so we just drove it through. Well of course we slept over, and many of you have asked where we have slept. The fact is that when we comes to a new country, then we try to find and hotel and we take the best one. So we can take our ride as long as we want and then check in when we want to.

I didn’t know that Utah existed before we searched around on the internet. Utah is also a nature country. But in Utah have we visited the Tabernacle in Salt Lake City. We had a very pleasant experience. We also visited many national parks, I liked it alot. We have eaten fast food in like every each day so I think that our weight have stretched. But that’s okay, it’s vacation.

So in Nevada or Las Vegas because the hotel low in LA. But anyway, we visited Bellagio and it’s like a luxury hotel with casino, when I took my first step inside, I was like blown away. I would live there forever if I got the chance. Everything was so clean and their garden area is one of the coolest I’ve ever seen. Let’s not talk about the buffet, oh my gosh. This hotel has my heart and I wouldn’t leave it.

Now we are in Kalifornien, visiting my cousins. It’s cool here, I like it a lot. I have missed them so much. But we have done a bit of things here too, yesterday we visited Hollywood walk of fame it is a bit overrated. When we were there we also hiked in the Hollywood hills it was funny and seeing the Hollywood sign was a soft treat. Today have we just shopped, a lot…

We will go back to sweden tomorrow. But our flight goes at the night so we will find something to do until then.



I'M SORRY!! We haven't wifi so I can just update you guys when we visit a hotel with free wifi... but here you have a two days update.

Hello guys,

We are in Michigan now, and I have learned that the capital is Lansing. Pretty cool name. We have visited the Detroit zoo and Tahquamenon falls, it was so beautiful and I felt so relaxed. But SS Badger were closed so we skipped it. Tonight we are going to visit the sea life Michigan it will be cool.

I actually don’t have anything more to say, Michigan wasn’t so good that I thought.

Hey everyone! So fun that you seem to like my USA trip.

Today have we been in Wisconsin, a really boring state actually. Madison is their capital and we visited the Wisconsin State Capital, if I have to be real so must I say that it was cool. It was an beautiful design/architecture to see and the view of the city from the grounds and observation deck is unique. But I think the landscaping around would be prettier in the summer. We have also visited the mitchell horticultural conservatory definitely worth checking out if you like plants. It’s got three domes that have three different types of plants. During our visit was one of the domes tropical, and it was amazing. At the crack of the dawn we’ve visited camp five museums I think that everyone could have fun there, it was really geared to every age. You get to learn about the early industry. We haven’t eaten anything special here, just junk food.

I’d rather liked the Mitchell park the most because I liked the domes and the domes are like a structure/building who is like shaped as a circle. And at the least I liked the weather, I hope it is better weather in the other countries, but maybe it is to ask for the moon.



Rise and shine! It's a bucket list about Minnesota today.

Okey. so good morning guys, this will be my fourth bucket list and it will take place in Minnesota.

Bucket list Minnesota

- Mall of America

- Nickelodeon Universe

- Valleyfair

- Water Park of America

See you soon, XOXO



Hey friends, how are you today?

Bucket list Wisconsin

- Wisconsin State Capitol

- Camp Five museums

- Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory

I won't be here so long either, my longest destination will take place in Californien.

See you soon, XOXO



Today have we been in New York city, it’s a really beautiful city actually. The people are so kind and everywhere you go they say like “hey how are you?”. It has been a really good day we have visited the State of liberty or know as Liberty Enlightening the world. We have also visited Madison Square Garden, so cool. It was a match between New York Rangers and Los Angeles Kings. NY Rangers won the match with 6-3!! And guys hold your horses because we were on the Time square road, so much shopping, I love it! We have also eaten, a lot. For breakfast we ate on the Levain bakery and for lunch Friedman's. And now the best, Daisy may’s.

I have gotten the question if it is any special rules, I don’t think it is any special. But you can’t smoke in official places, so you have like smoke lounges. And you cannot buy cigarettes until you are twenty one.

Question number two is “What is the state’s nickname? What is the name of the capital of the state? What is the state famous for? What else did you learn about the state?” the question is actually from my English teacher :P

The state’s nickname is just NYC or NY, but you can also say The big apple or “the state that never sleeps.” The capital is Albany, NY has also had five boroughs Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. I think the state is famous for the state of liberty and the shopping. I have learned that everyone is kind and you can ask whoever whenever.

What did you like the most/the least?

I love the weather, it’s just so perfect. And the shopping is crazy. The I like the least must be all pigeons!

I will spend an half day here tomorrow so then I will visit Madison Square Garden and Brooklyn bridge.

Hope you had a nice day!



Hello guys!

I will just stay in Michigan one day and one night, to hurry on to the next destination.

Bucket list Michigan

- Detroit zoo

- SS badger

- Sea life Michigan

I have never heard about Michigan before so this will be really intresting.

See you soon, XOXO



Hey guys!

So tomorrow will my first trip to the United States go ahead. I'm a bit nervous because it's my first trip alone with a friend and what will happen if our package disappear? I'm incredibly worried.

Our flight goes from (SWE) Arlanda - Oslo 13.30 (Swedish time). And our flight to New York go 17.35 so we will be in New York at 20.00 ( USA time).

I must continue to pack now. See you later. XOXO



Hello guys! Hope you are ok, I am.

So this is my first post and it will be a bucket list about the things I want to do in New York. Every day it will come up an bucket list about each city that I will visit. And as you may know, my journey will begin in New York and my last destination want to be in Californien. I will stay like 1 night at each place, but 1,5 days.

New York bucket list

- Madison Square Garden!

- Time square

- State of liberty

- Brooklyn bridge

- Madame Tussaudes New York

Maybe I'll find something else to visit.

See you soon, XOXO