Well, it has been awhile hasn't it? I guess I should tell you about what has happened in my life since I last made an apperance on this blog. i've found a new best friend called Jacob, who I have the privilege of being able to call my boyfriend. he's wonderful and treat me better than anyone ever has. He makes me laugh, feel loved and all things in between and im soo grateful for having that bundle of joy in my life. After a few years of suffering with mental illness and just being sad all the time, to have come to this point of just genuine happiness is an amazing feeling. Even though I know that I will drop down to that point again and probably not be with him forever,but at the moment I will saviour the time we get to spend togheter.

I Love him, I do. But my mind can't do anything else but to overthink and convince me not to trust him, even though I know I can. Which is sad to be honest, but I've tried to trust him more.

I took this picture on a sad evening in December and I remember it being so peaceful and quiet out there. A thousand thoughts of things that made me sad came that day but I didnt know what to do to feel somewhat happy. But now I do have that amazing thing in my life and I think you know who.

Goodbye for now xx

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Hello Everyone! Today I went for a walk in this beautiful sunset 😍 I call it Cotton Candy Sky 😂 After that I ate some kiwi and yoghurt so know Im going to study a bit more before I go to bed. I hope Ya'll had a Great day. G'night!



Hello Everyone! This is a post about my experience with song writing. I've benen writing song lyrics and melodies since i Was about 10. Some of them I actually did perform in school to my class mates and stuff. And people still ask me to sing them at times.

How I write: I usually start with making a melody on the piano or a beat on the drums. As I go I start to make up lyrics and I can sit for hours just doing my thing.  I erase and remake the text and when I'm done I usually go to my friend and make her plats the piano because its Hard fot me to play the instrument as I'm singing my best.

My tips: If you ever get an idea of lyrics but it dont fit with Theme your going with, NEVER throw it away! Maybe a month later you will Come up ideas for it.

Dont have a goal... Its better to just let the music come to you.  It will usually turn out better.



Hello Everyone! I thought I would start a series on this blogg vallen My experience with... I will write about my experience with a certain thing. Like crushes or ner death experiences. Leave a comment below on what topics you would like me to write about. 😊 Have a good day. Leave a like or a unicorn will die while puking rainbows... And we would'nt what That? 😂



Hello everyone! This is my first post on this blog so I thought I would do the "15 things about me" tag. So lets begin.

1. My name is Felica Johansson.

2. I went to ballet classes for 7 years... I´m not good at it though.

3. I have two older brothers that are about 18.

4. I'm one of those really random kids who always seem happy.

5. My role model is my father and it will always be him.

6. Me and my best friend met at the first day of school. I went up to her and said " Hey! Wanna be my best friend?" She said sure and then we walked/runned around school happily...

7. I´ve been to Greece 16 times and it's my favorite place to be.

8. Me and my friends always sing/scream in the hallways ust don't caring about what people think.

9. I LOVE chocolate.... Nothing more to say about that. Next!

10. i love working out. Im not fit or anything but it makes me really happy.

11. I want to become a nurse or a doctor because I'm really interested in studying different diseases and taking care of people. .

12. I got a weird love for sunsets. As soon as i see a sunset i will take a picture of it.

13.I'm one of those who will stop the car just to take a pic of something simple like a flower.

14. I Love music. Every genre from Mozart to Screamo.

15. When I was four, me and my dad went to Greece. My Dad bought me a baby pink cap... with the PLAYBOY logo on it. I loved it but I didn't know what the logo meant. Lets just say I got some weird looks on that trip...

Thank you for reading this post. See ya - MyPhotographicRide