Till date, you would probably have paid for services and gods with on mobile money transfers. However, concepts like e wallet and bitcoin makes things much more simpler. For example, when you use neo wallet online or the neo coin wallet online, you make payments within seconds without having to take consent from your bank. Our present world has some 2 billion smartphone users  and most of these take their smartphones wherever they go. An e wallet or digital wallets are the mobile payment apps that keep the payment information over your smartphones safe and sound. They have all information regarding your prepaid, debit, and credit card details. There are several benefits of availing one for yourself, here are some:


Simple To Use: It takes just a few minutes to install one in your phone. Just download it from an app store, just follow the onscreen instructions that will help you setup your account and add some payment details to it. More and more shopkeepers and retailers are now turning to mobile payment solutions that permit them to accept ewallets transfers. When you are about to make first payment at any retailer, just hold your handset across the payment reader or scan through QR code and payment can be made.

Safe And Sound: If you are carrying your wallet in your phone you don’t need to carry the other one. It means no pickpocket can take your money and devoid you of your earnings. Even if they steal your phone, they would need to enter your password and wouldn’t get access to your details. What can be safer than that. When you make a payment, the retailer wouldn’t get any of your credit card details. Au contraire, it uses a random transaction number is used by them. It also means all your data is safe from any kind of fraud.

Speed: Unlike all other mobile payment modes, this one has much more speed than them. Just wave your phone and make few clicks and payment is done. The transaction history is instantly recorded in the app which means next time you wish to check where you lost your money, you can always check in app where you spent all your money. Just ensure you store all your card details in that app.

Simple To Connect With All Other Connects: When you have an ewallet with you, you have a flexibility of making payment from several accounts. You can easily add all your pre-existing cards and mobile money accounts to it.


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