Dansk barnbok 70-tal

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Här är en dansk barnbok från 1971 av Per Holm Knudsen, som är en psykoterapeut som också illustrerat.

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Moren og faren kan godt lide hinanden.

Farens pik er blevet stor.
Den stritter lige rakt ut i luften.
Moren og faren vil gerne
have pikken ind i kussen.
Det är nemlig dejligt.

Putter pikken ind i kussen.

Faren og moren gynger op og ned.
Det kalder man att bolle eller att sam-lege.
Det kan vare noget sjovt og rart.

Morens mave bliver osse större og större.

Faren synes, hun ser söd ud.

”Jeg kan maerke, liv-moren traekker sig sammen”, siger moren til faren.

”Nu skal jeg snart föde barnet. Det bliver vel nok spaendende.”

Far klipper av ”navle-snoren” Mor ”hviler sig nogle dage" Barnet äter från ”morens bryster”.

Sådan får man et lille barn.

Hvis der er noget, du ikke forstår,

skal du spörge din mor og din far.

Du kan osse spörge en anden,

du godt kan lide.

Här kommer mer från berättelsen

Here are the baby's mother and father.

They love each other very much.

They have helped each other to have the baby

When the parents are not wearing any clothes, you can see that the mother has an opening between her legs. It is called a vagina. The father has a penis and testicles.

The father and mother love each other very much and want to be verry, verry close. Sometimes when the father feels especially loving, his penis becomes large.

The father's tesicles are filled with sperm cells. When he makes love, theses comes out of the tip of his penis. They move trough the mother's vagina into a hollow space in the mother's abdomen called the uterus, or womb. Sometimes there is a tiny egg inside the mother, and a sperm cell joins in.

If a sperm cell has joined the egg (or ovum), togheter they can grow into a baby inside the mother's womb. The mother and father do not know yet if this has happened.

At first, the egg looks mor like a tadpole than a baby. It is firmly attached to the mother's womb by the umbilical cord. Through this cord the baby gets food from the mother until the baby has grown big and strond enough to be born.

As the baby grows bigger, the mother's abdomen aslo grows bigger. All these months the father is very proid of the mother. They share the excitement of felling the baby's first movements inside its mother, and count the days until their baby will be born.

Many, many days pass. Now it is nearly nine months since the father's sperm cell and the mother's ovum joined together to make a baby.

One day the mother tells the father that she is sure the baby is ready to be born.

Some babies are born at home, but many are born in a hospital. There the doctor can more easily help the baby to leave its mother's womb. Here the mother and father driving to the maternity ward of the hospital.

The mother lies on a bed in the maternity ward. The doctor will help her to have her baby. Sometimes the father likes to stay with the mother so that he can see their baby when it first appears.

The baby's head comes out first. The mother's body stretches to allow the baby to come out.

Then come its arms. When the baby is completely born, the doctor cuts the umbilical cord which has carried food to the baby all this time, for it is no longer needed.

When the mother holds the baby in her amrs with the father beside her bed, they are very proud and happy.

The mother and the baby rest in the hospital and get to knoe each other. Then the happy father comes to take them home. The hungry newborn baby sucks milk from this mother's breasts.

The fahter and mother are very happy because not they are a family. Their friends and relatives are happy, too. They come to visit ths brand-new little person.

Tycker du det skulle vara okej att läsa den för dagens barn och svara på alla frågor som säkert dyker upp i huvudet på ett barn?

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