Hello everyone, today is a new day ( but isn't it always?? )

Yesterday, I was asked by my anxiety-depression situation so for those you want to know here it goes.....

I have a friend ( that is one of the best people that could Ever live on earth) and let's call her K. She posted on her instagram account a weird description about depression but at the same time so accurate: "it's like trying to peel a potato with another potato and obviously it doesn't work and it's really frustrating and you feel like you can't do anything and you just want to cry. Then people say you're overreacting and being a baby and instead of helping they hand you another potato."

Well that was exactly what i have been feeling for over a year now. Don't get me wrong I'm better. I don't cry every single day for no reasan like I used to do before but there are some days that everything seems too dark and all i "wanna" do is cry....but i guess everyone has that days!

When my doctor said to my mom that i was depressed she couldn't understand why...I mean i have everything. I have a family that loves me and supports me, i have friends that are always there ! But it is thinking this way that i know you get all Wrong!! Depression doesn't have to have a recent situation to appear...she appears because you've benn holding things for so long that you just can take them anymore and so like a ballon, you explode!! 

My anxiety doesn't help at all and so as my depression she has been there all this time. I remember that when i was a kid and i was playing on the park i used to think about all the bad things that could happen...I could fall from the swing and hit with my head or i could just get ran over by a car when i was crossing the street ( yeah as you can see i was a happy kid :p).

Please, I tell everyone who is going through something similar that sometimes speak to someone that understand makes wonders!! 

Hope you have the loveliest day ❤ !!


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