​Hey guys,

so my dear friend Carolin asked me to come with her family to the Tõstamaa for weekend. Ofcourse I'm in, I told. They have a summerhouse in Tõstamma. The house is with view to the sea. This house is near the sea. This place is the beautifulest placest that I'v EVER seend. I love this place. Me and Carolin braided wreaths of primrose. We barbackcue barbecued meat. At twelve o'clock at night , we threw the sea burbot. We did the stew on top of the sea. Sounds crazy?HAhahahahahahahahahahaha...This was a boat stew. And lotrs of thanks to actimel witch was a big part of our drinks. We slept in the attic. All together ( 3 mens, 3 childs, 1 women)!!!      I put the pictures down.