Look, I'm not going to tell you why dope is bad for you or how smoking thegreen doesn't make you sound like Kierkegaard, because frankly, if you arereading this, you already know that. What you will learn, however, is how to quit smoking weedand how doing so can make your life a happier one. Sit back and relax as youlearn three easy steps to putting down the ganja for good.

Step 1: Get a hobby.
The very first thing you need to do is fill up your free time so that you don'thave any extra time to spark a joint. Are you a fan of marijuana brownies? Putyour baking skills to use and make other, weed-free pastries. Not only will younot be getting high, the baked goods will themselves cause a release ofdopamine in your brain, still giving you a "high" - but without themarijuana. In fact, anytime you do something you like, it causes dopaminerelease (the neurotransmitter responsible for a high). So, just fill up yourtime doing something else you enjoy.

Step 2: Change your life.
If your life consists of you doing something you don't like, stop doing it. Ifyou hate your job, find a new one. We can get so bogged down in routines anddoing things for other people that we sometimes forget about ourselves. Life ismeant to be enjoyed, not just casually passed through until death. Identifythings in your life that make you unhappy and either change them or get rid ofthem completely. Being happier will lessen the likelihood of you wanting tosmoke weed.

Step 3: Just quit smoking.
If you really want to know howto quit smoking weed - here it is: just stop smoking weed. The fact is thatTHC just isn't that addictive. If you are one of the rare cases in which weedis physically or mentally addictive, then you need to seek out professionalhelp. However, for most people, weed is neither. You may want weed because itis enjoyable - but desire and addiction are not the same thing. I love goingsnowboarding in the winter, but I wouldn't say that I'm addicted to mysnowboard. The same holds true for most weed smokers.
When you smoke weed, it's the high you are after and by modifying your life andfilling your time with drug-free hobbies that give you a sense of enjoyment andaccomplishment, you'll get the high you are seeking.