So, this is my blog about my life story...Obviously. Anyways its no where near normal and yes i know this is such a cliché way to start of but its true.
But anyways I am 17 years old and my name is Luci (not giving actual name). My life is a bit crazy. Its not a typical teenage life. It started in my freshmen year when I was officially diagnosed with split personality disorder and borderline personality disorder. Great mix right? Nope!! I have 7 different alters. Raven- dark, emo chick, Lilly- flirty, confident chick, Trix- skater, loner chick, Ray- muscular, independent chick, Luci- bubbly, happy chick, Me- shy, quiet chick, then last of all Mell- outgoing, brave, headstrong, fighter chick..
My alters come out a lot so some days don't be surprised if the signature at the bottom has one of there names on it. Plus my borderline personality disorder effects all of my alters even regular me. Its crazy. I have very few friends and its hard for people to understand me almost all the time.. But I guess that's okay cause i have my alters. I have had several boyfriends in my life but they never last long..
Shit gotta go but this just the beginning. Real me signing off. ❤