Some fun facts

​No part of Australia is 1000 km from the ocean or beach.

Australians from Queensland are called banana benders.

It does snow in some parts of Australia during winter.

The coldest it’s ever been is 23- degrees.

Australia is the home to 10 out of 15 of the most poisonous snakes.

Australia is the only continent without an active volcano.

Australian brands

9 Australian brands

Penny skateboards - outdoors

Butter goods - fashion

Lapse - fashion

Bonds - fashion

Vegemite - food

Holden - car


Telstra - phones

commonwealth bank

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Australias National symbol

Australia's national symbol is the coat of arms of Australia. The symbol was adopted the 19th September 1912 by king George V. The design is a shield and within the said there is a badge each of Australian states. The top half of the shield consist of New south wales, victoria and Queensland. And on the bottom, half are the states south Australia, western Australia and Tasmania. On top of the shield is the seven-pointed Commonwealth Star or Star of Federation. Six of the stars points represents the original six states and the seventh represents the combined territories and any future states. The entirety of the shield represents the federation of Australia.

The first coat of arms Australia was granted by Edward Vll on may 1908. It consisted of a shield in the middle. the seven pointed star above it and one kangaroo on one side of the shield and on the other side an emo. All on a bed of grass with a scroll the motto “Advance Australia”.



Sydney opera house

Sydney opera house is one of Australia's most recognizable building. People from all over the world due to is cool looking design. It took 16 years to finish and was constructed between 1957 to 1973. It is a true masterpiece of modern architecture. Sydney opera house was estimated to cost 7 million Australian dollars but ended up costing 102 million. That is more than 14 times than they planned. The opera has 7 individual concert venues with the largest seating with a maximum of 2,679 seats.


Sydney harbor bridge

Sydney harbor bridge is one of Australia's most tourist attracted. It was first opened in 1932 and its 1149 meters long and is 49 meters wide. Along the way over the bridge, there are shops that are related to central Sydney. The bridge took proximately sixty years to pay off. It was not until 1988 that it was paid off. To come over the bridge you have to pay $1.10. There are more than one hundred sixty thousand vehicles driving on Sydney harbor bridge daily.


Uluru is located in the northern territory and is mostly known as Ayers Rock. The Rock was created over 600 million years ago. Uluru is 348 meters high and rises 836 meters above sea level, its 1,9 km wide and is 3,6 km long.


Australian dialects

In Australia, there are 3 different types of dialects

Broad: Are usually described as more extreme. Steve Irwin

General: Common English is spoken in Australia Australian PM Julia Gillard

Cultivated: Somewhat closer to the British Received Pronunciation Cate Blanchett



The Australian schools are among the finest in the world. School education in Australia includes preschool, preparatory (or kindergarten), primary school, secondary school (or high school) and senior secondary school (or college). Australian schools do more than just educating students. They prepare them for life. Developing communication skills, self-discipline and respect for themselves, their parents and their world. See for yourself what makes an Australian education so valuable:

-Small class sizes (a maximum of 30 students in a class).

-University-trained and qualified teachers and specialist teachers in subject areas.

-Facilities of a high standard – including a high level of technology, with all schools having computers and internet access.

'-Gifted and talented’ programs to extend students who are high achievers.

‘-High Achievement’ programs, which see the top students studying university-level subjects for advance credit.

-Individual learning programs for students who require additional learning support.

-Quality assurance frameworks where schools must meet required standards.

We in Sweden has almost all these things.

In Australia, each school or school system can set its own uniform policy. Wearing a uniform is compulsory in most Australian private and all Catholic schools, as well as in most public schools, although it is sometimes less enforced in primary schools that have uniforms. Uniforms usually have a colour scheme based on the school colours.

For boys, the uniforms generally include a button-up shirt together with either shorts (especially for summer wear) or long trousers, usually in grey. Some schools allow boys to wear shorts only in younger years, and they must wear long trousers from around the age of puberty (13–14 years).

Girls' uniforms generally include a checkered or striped dress (usually sleeveless or short-sleeved) worn over a blouse for summer and, in most secondary schools, girls wear a skirt as well as a button-up in winter with a blazer and tie. In most schools, girls are also permitted to wear a button-up shirt and dark trousers.

Bildresultat för australian school



Capital flag area religion

Australia is the only country that is a continent.

Inland area, Australia is 7,692,024 square kilometres and the sixth largest nation after Russia, Canada, China and USA.

Australia is surrounded by the south Pacific ocean, the Arafura sea, the Timor sea, the Indian ocean, the southern ocean and the Tasman ocean.

The capital city of Australia is Canberra. After Federation in 1901, a site for the capital was sought, and Canberra was selected. The Australian Capital Territory was declared on 1 January 1911 and an international competition was held to design the new capital city of Australia. Canberra is actually the eighth biggest city in Australia and normally the most popular city is the capital.

Bildresultat för canberra

The population in Australia is 23,1 million and in Sweden, we just have 10 million but it's actually not super small compared to other countries in Europe as an example.

The religion in Australia I very varied. 25% is roman Catholics, 22% is no religion and 18% is other Christians. And the rest is mixed in Hinduism and Buddhism and Islam.

The Australian flag looks like this....

Bildresultat för australian flag

The part up on the left it is called the union jack. It represents Australia's ties with England or Britain. And the seven pointed star underneath stands for Australia's states and territories. The background is blue as you can see. The 5 stars in the right represent the group of stars Australia called the Southern Cross.



Music & Sport

Music :

Australia is a country rich in diversity, culturally and geographically, a richness embodied in our music which embraces all genres and styles. Australia has the much different super pop star, rap stars and rock stars that are know in the whole world. In Australia, you listen to mostly the same music as we do here in Sweden. But they, of course, has many Australian artists that we do not listen to or know who they are. We have example Sia, Keith urban who actually was a judge on American Idol than we have Iggy azalea and much more that we all know who they are. We all have listened to at list one Australian music song. As the song Fancy or Chandelier.

Australian sport:

All countries all over the world have many special sport or athletes. And Australia. In the Olympic summer games, Australian has 156 gold medals, 181 silver medals and 164 bronze medals so int total they have 475 medals in the summer games. In the winter games, they have much less. 5 gold medals, 3 silver, 4 bronze so in total they have 12 medals.

Famous athletes are for example Cathy Freeman, Ian Thorpe, Sally Pearson. Sally Pearson has for example 3 World championships or Olympic games gold medals and 3 silver. She does hurdles in 100 or 60 meters. Ian Thorpe is a world famous swimmer and has in world competitions and the Olympics 18 gold medals, 5 silver medals and 2 bronze medals.



The first inhabitants of Australia were the aborigines who emigrated from the southeast Asia. There was about half a million to a million aborigines in Australia when the Europeans came. But now there's only about 350,000 living in Australia.

The British arrived in Australia in 1698 and in the 17th century Dutch, Portuguese, and Spanish ships sailed to Australia. In 1770 the British sailor captain James cook came to Australia and not long after great Britain claimed Australia as theirs and it was called new south wales. The aborigines had no say in what was happening.

And not long after Brittan started sending convicts to Australia. In the year 1787 seven ships left England with 772 convicts that reached Port Jackson but is now Sydney. Life for the convicts got much harder. they had to work very hard, making roads and building farms. Life didn't get any easier for the aborigines either. The Europeans and convicts came with all kinds of diseases. The aborigines had managed to stay isolated from all of those but it was hard when it was spreading. It was such as smallpox, syphilis, and influenza. More than half of the aboriginal population died.

They lived in constant concern of the Europeans that were taking their land and using them as slaves.

Yet today the aborigines still live in fear that we will build buildings on their land, and they will have no place to live.



The Australian climate is part in three, tropical I the north and subtropical in the middle and temperate climate in the south. In the summer it rains a lot in the north. In the winter it snows in the east coast and in the west it never comes down under 20 degrees celsius. Australia has many varied when it comes to the animals kingdom. 45 million years of climate changes and other factors has done that wildlife has developed. 80% of the Austrailian plants, animals, reptiles and frogs only exist in Australia.

Here are some animals that you maybe never heard of. And actually, probably the most singular animal life in the world.

Kangaroo and wallaby:

Australia has more than about 55 species of kangaroos and wallaby. The difference between these two different species is that the wallaby is smaller. Both kangaroo and wallabies vary in weight and size, from half a kilo to 90 is estimated that 30 - 60 million kangaroos exist in Australia. If you want to see one my just need to go out from the big cities.Unable to run or walk, the Australian kangaroo hops and jumps from 15 to 20 feet at a time at speeds up to 40 miles per hour. It´s about 65 km/h. So look out.

Bildresultat för kangaroo vs wallaby difference

Koala :

Koala is a marsupial ( not like a bear as many think). This little speech can sleep 18 hours a day! They live on eucalyptus leaves, they can eat as much as a kilo of it every day. With its sharp claws. It can hold itself up in the trees, even if it sleeps. It lives in the eastern part of Australia.

Bildresultat för koala in australia

Dingo :

Dingo is a type of dog that different from normally domesticated dogs and wolfs. It can twist its head 180 degrees in every direction. Fraser Island is one of the best places to see dingoes in Australia, and there is also the purest variety. To tame a dingo is not easy. They are intelligent, independent, and therefore difficult to bring that common domesticated dog.

Thorny devil:

Thorny devil is an Australian lizard with an extraordinary look. It's covered in tags. It´s sand coloured so it goes in one because it lives in the desert and other arid areas. The thorny devil is about 20 centimetres and can live up to 20 years. They live on ants and can eat up to a thousand of the days.

These are four of the most special animals (in our opinion). But is exact SO many different animals in Australia as

-White shark


-Tasmanian Devil



And much more.



Australia has had a few successful tv shows like “home and away" that has been screening since 1988. Home and away has a total of 35 seasons and 6602 episodes. “Neighbours" that has been screening since 1985. But there are other knows tv-shows like "offspring", "H2O: just add water", "blue water high", "miss fisher's murder mysteries" etc.

With successful there must be Australian celebrities. One of the most well-known Australian celebrities is Kylie Minogue, she is both a singer-songwriter and an actress. Kylie Minogue's first tv appearance was on neighbors.

Hugh Jackman who has been the lead role in wolverine so as in x-men and soon in the new upcoming movie Logan. Chris Hemsworth is also a very known celebrity, she is an actor who in Thor in the famous marvel movies and in the Huntsman, that is just a some of the movies he's been cast in. Chris homework has a younger brother Liam Hemsworth, he is an actor too. Liam has been in the Hunger games series, the last song and much more.



Australian food culture

Australia has a rich variety of food and drinks. Migrants from all over the world immigrated to Australia and brought their culinary traditions with them. Australia has an abundance of fresh food all year round. Menus included seafood, native game and vegetables, as well as native fruits and nuts. The influx of migrants from Europe and America during the gold rushes of the 1850s actually spurred the drinking of coffee.

Special Australian food


Sweet and finely flavoured Sydney rock oysters could be found on any of the shores of Sydney Harbour.


Across the colonies, a native kangaroo was preferable to salted meat and was one of the main sources of meat. In Adelaide in 1845 high demand for kangaroo from the new settlers pushed the price to an “extraordinary” nine pence per pound.

1 pence = 0,11 kg.

1 pound = 11,21 kr

Tradition foods

Seafood is popular in Australia along with large portions of meat such as beef or lamb roasts. Australia has also wonderful fruits and vegetables. As was told earlier. In Australia, a day of food would maybe look like this...

Breakfast = Cereal and toast or eggs and bacon

Lunch= Sandwiches, salad, and fruit

Dinner= Meat or seafood with vegetables

3 of the traditional foods

Vegemite is black spread made from yeast extract plus salt and is spread on toast or sandwiches.

Meat Pie approximately 260 million meat pies are eaten by Australians every year.

Lamingtons sponge cake cube desserts coated with chocolate and coconut.

Australian traditions

Australia celebrates many of the same holidays as we in the western world celebrate, as easter and Christmas. But they also have a pair of traditions that are special for their country. Such as…

Anzac day- 25 April.

Anzac stands for the Australian and new Zealand army corps. It's set to honour Australians who died in a war. It is probably considered the most important nation occasion. This day is very important to Australian people and it already starts at dawn. These ceremonies are held at war memorials in Austrailia. These ceremonies include the introduction, a hymn, a prayer, and address, laying of wreaths, recitation, a period of silence, and the National Anthem.

Bildresultat för anzac

Austrailian day - 26 January

This holiday is the anniversary of when the English declared the Australians to their own colony in 26 of January 1788.

Boxing day - 26 December

This day is a public tradition many people spend at the beach, some see it as an extend to Christmas break.