What are some tips on buying refurbished products?

Buying refurbished products, especially when it comes to electronics, is no longer a strange idea. With the new financial situation that almost everyone in the world has been impacted by one way or another, the need to cut costs and find cheaper alternatives for our most essential products has become one of our top priorities.

When it comes to purchasing electronic products such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, second hand and refurbished options are more available online than ever before.

However, not everyone is an expert in navigating the refurbished products market and knows how to get high quality products for a lower price. In fact, because for most people a lower price means lower quality, many buyers would accept subpar products just because they are paying less.

In this post, mobile phone and electronics experts are sharing their knowledge to help you land the perfect refurbished deal whether it is a laptop or a mobile phone.

Why You Should Buy Refurbished Products?

If you're looking for tips as to how to buy refurbished products with the best terms, you already have a reason to buy a mobile phone or a laptop refurbished. For most buyers, the main reason is a financial and budget-related reason. However, there is a more important reason to consider buying a refurbished smartphone, tablet, or laptop. This reason is the environment.

The industry of electronic devices creates millions of tons of E-waste yearly. Dealing with this waste is almost impossible as most of these devices eventually end up in landfills in Africa and other third-world countries where the waste is burnt creating toxic air and slowly killing our planet.

Since refurbishing electronic devices is considered a form of recycling, buying refurbished is considered not only a preference, but a duty for those who aspire to participate in saving our planet.

So, even if budget is not an issue for you, you should still consider refurbished products. If you manage to find the right deal from a trusted seller, your purchase could be just like buying a brand-new device. Keep on reading to find out how.

1. Choose the seller carefully

The right place to begin finding the right smartphone or laptop best refurbished deal is by finding a good seller that you can trust. Beginning with a Google search is the default step that everybody goes for, but the next step is more tricky, which is how to make sure that the sellers you have found online are actually good and trustworthy, not just good websites with the right SEO strategies that have brought them to the Google search result first page?

Well, the first indicator is that seller's experience in the industry. This means that you should go for a professional refurbished products centre, not just a seller

The second indicator is the seller's reviews online. There is no better measure to how well this seller is doing than the satisfaction of their previous customers. You can find these reviews on the seller's website as well as dedicated review platforms such as Trustpilot.

2. What is the refurbished product condition?

This is another indicator of how your refurbished experience is going to go. There are several conditions that refurbished and used devices come in. The main 3 categories are:

Grade A refurbished products:

Also known as pristine product. These products are as good as new ones. This is the grade you should choose when you're buying a refurbished phone or any other device to guarantee the best condition and the most value out of your purchase.

Grade B refurbished products:

Grade B refurbished products are not completely worn nor are they in a like-new state. This means that you can guarantee that the phone or laptop is not going to be broken, but at the same time, it could have visible scratches or marks. Also, these devices don't have the best battery.

Grade C refurbished products:

These are the most worn and defective devices of the refurbished product market. As a user, these are not the grade to pick from as you would spend more money that its price repairing it. These devices are mainly meant for repair specialists to use their working parts as OEM replacement parts.

3. What Does The Refurbished Product Deal Include?

Electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets usually come with a set of essential accessories that the device absolutely needs to work properly. These accessories can include the charger, a cable, earphones, and more.

However, not all refurbished products deals include these accessories which means that you will have to purchase them separately and pay extra. If the refurbished product seller does not supply accessories, you're facing a whole new dilemma where you should go on another search journey to find a trustworthy seller to get high quality accessories that are compatible with your device's brand, model, and make.

To avoid all of this hassle, choose a refurbished product seller that also provides all of the essential accessories of whatever device you're buying.

For example, with a seller like QwikFone, you can easily get a reconditioned iPhone in a pristine grade A condition with its charger brick, lightning cable, SIM ejector, and earphones.

Next, we should look into what kind of guarantees and after sale services that the seller of a refurbished product is offering.

4. Warranty, Return, Payments, & More

Another aspect of refurbished products deals that most people tend to overlook is the products guarantees. Most people think that since they are buying refurbished or second hand products, it is normal to expect minimum to no warranty for the device.

Buying a reconditioned product does not have to be a gamble. Since you are buying a like-new product, you deserve to get a deal that is as good as that of brand-new products as well.

Since brand-new smartphones, tablets, and laptops come with a 1-year warranty, a good return policy with refunds guaranteed, and most of them are available with a monthly instalments payment plans, this is what you should look for in your refurbished product deal.

The standard warranty policy should cover free repairs for the product in case it turns out to have any manufacturing or refurbishment defects. Also, a good warranty policy will enable you, as the buyer/user, to get a free replacement for that device if it turns out to be defective beyond repair.

It goes without saying that any deal that is worth the money should guarantee a 100% refund of the product price. This is the first thing to check after making sure that the return policy's period is decent enough to guarantee you time to test the product properly before you're stuck with it with no window to go back on the purchase. The last thing regarding the return policy is that the seller should cover the cost of the shipping back in case of returns. You shouldn't be obligated to pay money to return a product that you don't even want.

Good reliable sellers will also be able to offer free, fast, and reliable shipping. This way, your costs are cut to a minimum, which is the whole point behind going for a refurbished product in the first place.

Finally, it is known that paying for any product in monthly instalments comes with strings attached. For example, with refurbished phones, paying in instalments comes with a carrier contract that ties you for yours to single network. With other products, instalments mean an increase in the price due to a high interest rate that is added to the payments.

However, there are several payment methods for online purchases, such as Klarna and PayPal Credit, that enable you to pay for your online purchases over interest-free monthly instalments. So, look for a seller that facilitates using such methods to make your life easier!

Refurbished products are certainly coming strong. Once you have all the details, you will be able to land the perfect deal and enjoy a high-end like-new device at the lowest cost!