Hi dear ppl,

I've been quite busy lately here in the new resort therefore haven't had that much time and energy to write as we know all the new things are taking a lot of energy in the beginning.

So you might think what am I actually doing here?

I'm here to work & shortly I have worked soon 2 years for the biggest travel agency in the world, company called TUI. My job role is to be a guide. Not a tour guide but a guide in the hotel who is taking responsible of the guests who are travelling with us. What it means in practice is that we are delivering welcome meetings so telling facts about the country and of the resort, meeting times in the reception called "service" and outside activities for example mattress race or circuit workout. It is a bit of everything and that's what I like the most., super fun!

We have a great chance to choose a little bit where we would like to get placed for next season and this destination is my first mid haul/long haul destination after seasons in Rhodes, Gran Canaria and Cyprus. Season in guide life means usually summer season or winter season and one season is approx 6 months.

After high school I was a bit lost and not even that less I was lost and a lot haha. I thought I wanted to study but I didn't I just didn't feel comfortable to be in my home town & country anymore and have had always the desire to pack my bag and go abroad.

I did it after a while and went to backpack with my friends to Australia, came home and flew straight to Lapland where I got the first idea of being a guide. I applied to be an Xmas elf/guide. That job was all about to entertain people who came to experience the beauty of Lapland in Finland. It included days at the airport, transfers, singing Xmas songs in the bus while traveling from place to place and excursions. It was only a few months job but after that I applied for TUI as I wanted to do something similar and here I am, 2 years later.

I'm telling you, do what you want to do and listen yourself. Only you have keys for your own happiness and happiness starts from the moment when you decide to believe in yourself and do good things for yourself.

Have a great Saturday!




… back again! I have had many blogs in my past yet none of them actually felt that right to continue so this time I had a think for a long time how I would like to make it look and more important, what kind of things to share?

As im still traveling and working in different countries I thought this blog would be like a notebook for me to read these posts afterwards, also I think the world is so pretty place so why not to share these moments of beautiful places and fascinating things with you.

What you will see here is mostly pictures and travel tips but also a bit of my own life.