Vlogging Tips For Beginners To Quickly Getting Fame

Most of those who take their first steps on YouTube try to vlogging to increase views and subscribers and to gain respect and fame. The point is that to achieve this goal, they often take the wrong path or that of copying the already popular Youtuber formats. They buy their beautiful camera, a good microphone and start recording their lives at random, trying to copy the reference models of the niche in which they try to emerge.

As a result, they have zero differentiation, zero charisma and of course, zero engagement. This is the biggest mistake: try to be similar to someone who already works. This is the main point of failure because nobody likes copies content.

Only the originals count the appreciations.

A vlog channel is a tough thing to bring to the attention of people, considering that there are tens of thousands of channels to compete with. But here are some vlogging techniques that can help beginners to look, professional vlogger.

· A common mistake of new vloggers is to minimize themselves, their videos or their personality in a way that lowers public expectations. They make nervous jokes at their own expense, or they say things like, "Sorry, my camera sucks" or "I don't know if it's interesting what I'm doing, but ..." You must prove that you are the first to believe in the words that come out of your mouth: only in this way can someone be interested in what you say. It is not necessary to force your expression and tone of voice, pretending to unleash an incredible amount of energy while you are in front of the camera. Still, in a vlog, it is essential to feel comfortable but confident. In this way, you can "get closer" to the public and to deserve trust, which will result in views and subscribers.

· One of the essential elements of a vlog channel is the connection level that the vlogger manages to create with its audience. Some vloggers make the mistake of turning on the camera and assume that it is enough to take back what they do, without the need to engage viewers, setting up a conversation with them. Keeping your eyes on the camera is one of the simplest and most useful tips for making great vlogs, regardless of what you are saying.

· The jump cut is a technique which consists of making temporal jumps in the assembly. They are used a lot in movies and are a fantastic vlog trick. The goal is to speed up some scenes and create dynamism in the eyes of the viewer. These cuts keep the viewer's brain busy more effectively than a linear video and help give a more natural rhythm to people talking in front of the camera.

· If you don't have a camera and you're using a smart phone to film your videos, that's okay! There are lots of techniques to improve your videos with your smartphone, such as through good lighting or using tools like gimbals. Always remember to use your smartphone horizontally, in the so-called "full screen" mode. When you go to the assembly phase, the work will be immensely more straightforward and more effective, compared to a perpendicular recording.

· Music is an essential component of a vlog, as even the most engaging personality can seem tedious if there are no other sounds in the video. Starting your videos with a catchy song can be enough in itself to increase the viewing time your channel needs. Pay attention to the use of copyrighted tracks that you do not own the rights to use.

· To become famous on YouTube, you need to get the right equipment. The most popular Youtuber standards are now very high, on the one hand, and the prices of professional video making equipment have collapsed over the past few years. You have no more excuses! Stop grainy videos, low light or poor audio. Quality must become a prerequisite of your videos.

· A Cameras for YouTube Makeup Vloggers is undoubtedly fundamental to give a touch of professionalism to your work. If you have a limited budget, today you can still make small investments (even under 300$) to get yourself a professional camera. Whether you are on the move like travelling vloggers or at home, holding a camera or smart phone in your hands, while filming, is a bad idea. The reason is that the natural vibrations, more or less powerful, create a flickering effect during the whole duration of the video, and this is extremely annoying for the public. The video image must be stable. It's worth getting a flexible tripod like the Gorilla or gimbal stabilizer.

Final Thoughts:

The best way to avoid errors dictated by inexperience and to obtain concrete results is to rely on experienced people who can guide you in the process of creating and developing your channel.

That's why you should visit Vlog Tribe for detailed guidance about vlogging ideas to vlogging tools. I recommend you this site because I like the lines of sites' author (Glen Beker) during my vlog journey as a beginner "An excellent way to judge a video is not only the number of views but the display time. This figure indicates how effectively your viewers are involved".



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