what time of the year is it? Back to school!!!

tips and tricks that can save you in your time of need, from crushes, studying, bullying, and even beauty.

Crushes: Now we can all relate to that dreamy boy in the school that we all drule over but the question is...is he the right one for you. Believe me when I say we all want a boy with gorgeous features and trust me I do too but these are five things you should definitely keep in mind are

1. does her treat me right?
2. is a gentleman?
3. is he a faithful person?
4. do I want a bad boy?
5. does he just want my body and not truly me?

Studying: there's always that one subject we suck in, but therws also a quiz in that subject we totally fail in, here are some tips and tricks to help you do you best work!

1. eat healthy foods.
2. get lots of sleep.
3. study on the subject and even review on things you missed.
4. Study with a friend so to don't feel alone.
5. take breaks when needed.
6. after a hard days work reward yourself.

Bullying: we all have that one hatter that wants to see us fall or in pain mentally and physically, make a stand and don't be scared to let your friends or adult know. I know they say violence isn't the answer but sometimes it might be. Don't suffer from depression when you can fight it.

Wardrobe disconnection: that one day when your late and don't have time to rummage through closets or dressers...here are some easy and simple ways to make late day better.

1. brush to hair into a ponytail or two or basically anything simple.
2. for a casual look find some jeans and a simple tee and some easy slip on shoes.
3. now can we even forget about the make up honey?! put on some conseiler and foundation with mascara and some lip bomb or lip stick

Those are my go to tips and advice that can totally help you. love you!<3