You should understand your own drivers and needs first beforepursuing your dreams. Big changes and adjustments constantly happen in mostorganizations and sectors nowadays. And this challenge awaits you once you'veentered the professional world, so the question is, how prepared are you forthis? Wallace Associates believes that the answer to this is a good career management.

Some people carefully handle their careers, while others don't.Those people who don't bother manage their careers end up with hasty decisionsand jump into whatever they think is the upwards direction, which oftentimesresult in negative outcomes. Wallace Associates Inc wants you to plan the course ofyour career strategically with career management to have a good future in yourjob.

Developing, implementing and monitoring your career goals andstrategies is vital in career management. Wallace Associates recently conducteda study about career management and their reviews show that professionals withgood career management do better than others, and face difficult problems withan optimistic mind and attitude.

Individuals who possess good career management are much eager towork or look for a job. Searching for new roles can be more successful ifindividuals are more engaged to do so. Moreover, more job interviews and offersawait to those who implement career management in their lives.

Research is the basic foundation of a good career management whereit allows you to learn more about yourself and understand your strengths andweaknesses, as well as grasp the fundamentals of the business world. Careermanagement is a continuous and adaptive process; it will go on throughout yourlife. Every individual needs career management since effective planning isneeded before making difficult decisions in your career.

To be good in career management, one must learn more about himselfor herself, understand the environment, establish realistic goals, adopt andadjust strategies, develop skills in finding opportunities, and succeed inselection exercises. In case you need help, Wallace Associates is always herefor your needs. The firm has decades of business and coaching expertise thatmade the lives of different people better and successful. Many people trust thefirm's services and some of them are from Singapore, Hong Kong, and China.

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It was previously revealed by WallaceAssociates the different benefits any individuals could get from a life coach.But the question is, how will you knowif a certain coach is the right one for you?

Wallace Associates Inc knows thatthere are important things to look for so the firm provides them in thefollowing:


In this world where evil beings lurkeverywhere, anyone could call themselves a life coach, so always be careful onwho to approach. Make sure that a life coach is certified by an accreditedprofessional school and from a qualified school because life coaching needsparticular skills, conduct standards, and a foundation of training.Certification is really crucial to any life coach.

Look for an organization of professional lifecoaches that is certified by highly acclaimed coachtraining institutions in your region such as the iPEC Coaching in the UnitedStates. iPEC, along with other 11 schools worldwide, was fully accredited bythe International Coach Federation or ICF.

Surprisingly, more than 300 hours of stricttraining and almost 100 hours of live training are included in iPECcertification requirements. In order to fully understand the fundamentals ofcomprehensive coaching, iPEC requires face-to-face live training. In additionto their live training, the organization also uses telephone training and coachmentoring. Lastly, before potential coaches can even apply for certification,iPEC requires extensive firsthand coaching training first.


You can search for references about a certainlife coach from several clients on different websites. When asking people forreferences, ensure that they've been coached by the life coach to avoid anyfalse information regarding the professional. Reviews show that life coacheswho provide effective coaching to their clients can deliver great changes and afulfilling life to them.


You and your life coach should be a goodmatch. It may be difficult to find the right life coach for you but once you’vefound the one, it will be all worth it in the end. Wallace Associates wants youto remember that personal chemistry is very important. The firm suggestsspeaking directly to your potential coach and request for a sample session tofind out if he or she is a good match for you. Your goal is to build a deeptrust with a life coach so before choosing one, make sure that you feelcomfortable around him or her so that there could be an effective coaching.

Clients of Wallace Associates from differentareas including Singapore, Hong Kong, and China made reviews about the firm,which are available on the web, regarding their good coaching services. Thismade the firm one of the known coaching firms in Kansas, United States. Theirprofessionals are always willing to spend time with you, and address and answeryour concerns.



It's undeniable that most of the highly successful people we knowtoday hired a coach. Life coachescan play a crucial role in helping you accomplish where you want to be in life.Wallace Associates sees them as an important part of anyone's success. Becauseof the firm's involvement in this field for several years now, they have seen alot of individuals reached their dreams with the help of a life coach.


Aside from helping you identify your goals, life coaches can alsomotivate you to make those goals a reality. Wallace Associates Inc will sharesome of the reasons why youshould hire a life coach right now and help youbetter understand why you need them in your life.


To reach your goal


Perhaps there comes a time in your life where you're just sittingin your own room then you realized this dream of yours that you really want toachieve but you don't have enough energy and motivation to do so. And no matterhow many times your mind tells you to get started and get real, you just don'tknow how, when or where to begin so you don't bother reaching that goal. Butwith the proper guidance of a life coach, you could possibly reach that goal ofyours.


Reviews tell that a life coach will help you picture yourselfachieving your goals and support you in reaching the top. He or she will eraseyour worries and help you create stepping stones towards your dream.


To do anything youlike


In this world full of critics, you're possibly afraid to doanything that your heart desires and you're may be doubting your owncapabilities. But a life coach will encourage you to do those things, which youreally set your mind to. The coach will also lift your spirit and convince youto fulfill your dreams in your own way.


To have aprofessional companion


A life coach will be your best friend and will never let you gothrough any difficulties alone. Whatever you want to achieve in life, be it apersonal goal or just a simple life situation you'd like to get over with, alife coach will never leave your side. With the coach’s expertise, he or shewill provide strategic guidelines to you that will help you fulfill yourambitions.


Wallace Associates believes that having a lifecoach in your life would be very beneficial to you. The firm’s clients fromSingapore, Hong Kong, and China strongly attest to this. Simply remember thatgreat successes always begins with a little shot of motivation, of direction,and encouragement, which a life coach could offer to any individuals.


To live a fulfillinglife


Aside from achieving your goals, a life coach could also help yousolve difficult life problems and experience less stress, resulting to a betterhealth.


However, choosing a life coach may involve a difficult a processbecause you need to make sure that you could entirely trust your hired lifecoach. Stay updated with Wallace Associates' posts to know further detailsabout this.


So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and hire a life coach andexperience the benefits yourself.



As a seasoned professional, you're possibly thinking that youdon't need any executive coaching for your career. But Wallace Associates needsyou to think again because worthwhile benefits are waiting for you withexecutive coaching. Reviews show that coaching is aimed at helping you tobecome a better person as a whole as well as to be a great leader andexecutive.

Many renowned businessmen like Eric Schmidt and Fred Wilsonsuggest that everyone should have a coach, especially first-time CEOs. Justthink about it, well-known athletes have their own respective coaches, so it'sonly natural for CEOs and professionals to also work with a coach. Yes, sportsare different from the business world, but the essence of right guidanceprovided by those coaches is vital to any individual who wants to achievesuccess in their respective fields.

Companies should also consider adding coaching to their budget andregard it as important as the internet access and the collaboration software astheir foundations to growth. There will be greater marginal returns if the companyis more talent-dependent.

Wallace Associates Inc. offers positive executive coaching and their expertise in thisfield is outstanding that's why their competence is also known in other partsof Asia, including Singapore, Hong Kong, and China. There might come a timewhere the biggest limitation to your company's growth is your own growth as thefounder and CEO, so don't get stuck and begin hiring a coach.

In just a short period of time, you can see the invaluable resultshiring a coach could bring to you. The coach will guide you to set up astrategic growth plan, bring life to your values, deal with difficultinterpersonal situations and create a lot more effective decisions in adefinite manner.

The following will enumerate some of the most valuable benefits executive coaching can bring to your career path:

Further understanding

It is also possible to attain deeper learning about yourself onceyou have a coach. Your coach will determine further improvements you need inorder to reach your goal. And he or she will tell you genuine information onhow you're perceived by an outsider and state cold truths that others won'ttell you.

Understanding yourown voice

The coach will give you space to hear your own voice. You and yourcoach will discuss whatever it is inside your heart where you can get his orher genuine perspective.

Knowing yourlimitations

Executive coaching can help you understand and accept your ownweaknesses and make necessary steps to further improve yourself. You will thenunderstand the attitudes, beliefs, and perspectives that are holding you back.Knowing your blind spots can help you find ways to enhance your capabilities.

Strong support

Your coach will never fail to support you in every endeavor.Whenever you feel lonely, your coach is there to give you emotional support,empathy, and encouragement. Your coach will also support you in improving yourparticular skills like communication, conflict management, delegation,persuasion and team building.

Prompt action

If the coach teaches you with positive executive coaching then youcan advance to things faster where you can also attain greater accuracy.

Boost confidence

Coaching can help you fully understand yourself and recognize yourstrong values, leading to greater confidence. With this, you can now createbold moves with greater conviction.

Firm results

With executive coaching, you and your company could achievegreater productivity, bigger profits and faster promotions.

Wallace Associates highly recommend working with a coach if you'rewilling to trust someone to support you in improving yourself. Those mentionedabove are important elements that can contribute to your overall growth.However, coaching is not the solution to everything in your career and it won'twork if you don't have any desire to learn and grow. In a good light, dependingon your chemistry with your coach, coaching can really guide you in discoveringyour own path.



Some people are not closely paying attention to the growth oftheir career and don't bother contacting a career coach if they have concernsabout their jobs. As a professional, Wallace Associates wants you to considerhaving a career coach in your life to answer difficult situations in yourcareer.

A career coach can make a huge difference in your career. Justthink about it, if you want to be fit and be in great shape, you're probablythinking of hiring a personal fitness trainer, or if you're going through arough time, you're thinking of hiring a therapist for guidance, right? So whynot hire a career coach for your career needs?

Reviews show that career coaching can be very helpful to your professionalpath, regardless of where you are in your career. It is composed of partcoaching and part counseling, and it is aimed to support you in making effectivedecisions about your career development and course. Career coaches can be agood resource because they offer valuable information to their clients.

It was previously mentioned that Wallace Associates Inc needs youto think about career coaching under certain situations, and this includesfeeling stuck or feeling confused about your next steps in your career. Well,these are just some of the reasons why people hire a career coach.

If you're currently a graduating college student, perhaps you're notbothering yourself with this, but even if you're not yet entering theprofessional world, you can still ask the guidance of career coaches. This isbecause you can get great benefits from them since their expertise and guidancecan guide you in preparing and launching your career.

If you're a professional who wants to move up to the next level,then a career coach's counseling and reassurance are definitely what you needto reach your goal. Planning to switch careers? A career coach can help youmake a flawless transition with their quality advice and support wherein youcan find a more fitting and fulfilling career.

WallaceAssociates offercareer coaching as part of their exceptional expertise. Not surprisingly, thefirm also achieves broad influence in Singapore, Hong Kong, and China. Ifyou're still in doubt about the capabilities of a career coach, just read thefollowing benefits you can get from such professionals prepared by the Wallace teamto help you make up your mind. This is for everyone, it doesn't matter ifyou're at the beginning, middle, or nearing the end of your career.

Knowing your value

A career coach can guide you in determining your value as aperson. Your professional and individual self will be evaluated by the careercoach, and then identify your strengths and weaknesses. With this, you can getinformation about the combination of skills and abilities that only you coulddo and show to the world. If you know what you can offer to a certain company,then job searching process will be easier for you and you cannegotiate properly about the salary that fits your skills set.

Build a career path

A career coach can help you establish not just a job, but also acareer path. Career coaches will study your passions, personality, andqualifications, then help you look for a career that is encouraging,satisfying, and stimulating. Some professionals sometimes end up being dejectedand unfulfilled in their work because they only choose their current careerjust to earn potential without further analysis of their individual andprofessional self.

Get motivated and beaccountable

Career coaches will make you feel motivated and accountable at thesame time. They will never get tired staying by your side and give their cheersto you while motivating you to reach your full potential and goals. They willalways monitor your progress to guarantee that you're doing your best to reachwhere you want to be in your career. With this accountability, WallaceAssociates is certain that you will work harder to reach your goals.

Boost confidence

A career coach can help you develop your confidence in yourself aswell as in your career. Self-hatred often happens to people who doesn't knowtheir worth. Career coaches will make sure that you're going to recognize yourvalue from the very beginning. Success is possible to those who believe inthemselves and have confidence in their abilities. Getting the perspective of astranger through your career coach on how and why you stand out from otherpeople is often beneficial to you. You'll also be more confident in asking forhelp to reach your goals if you're knowledgeable about what you want out ofyour career.

Make better decisions

Career coaches can also help you deal with difficult careerdecisions. Wallace Associates don't deny the fact that you're going to face bigproblems in your career sooner or later. Are you prepared for it? Well, youmight say yes, but if things go out of hand, you will probably seek theguidance of your family and friends. However, their opinions may be biased andonly tell you what you want to hear. In times like this, you need the guidanceof career coaches because they will have your best interests in mind and giveyou proper advice.



Human Capital is the ultimate competitive advantage in today’sworld of change. So acquiring the right executivesto add to your management team is an urgent and important task.

HRM3 has a proven track record of surfacing ‘best fit’ candidatesfor our clients. Over the past years, we found and placed senior qualityexecutives from various disciplines for our esteemedlocal and multinational clients of diverse industries, including real estate,transportation, oil & gas, trading, food & beverages, healthcare,lifesciences, environmental services, supply chain management, pharmaceuticals,manufacturing, electronics, engineering, services, information technology,insurance, telecommunications, government and statutory boards.

Using a 7-Step process, we systematically understand client'sneeds, conduct research, surface, shortlist, interview, and recommend suitablyqualified candidates to our clients. Click here to see some of the majorassignments completed.

Submit Resume

At HRM3, talent management is an ever-going process. We constantlylook out for the best talents for our clients.

To be part of our talent management system, click here to submityour detailed CV.

- Please ensure that your attached CV file is in MS Word, PDF, orASCII text format and less than 1MB in size.

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Wallace Associatesis a locally-owned career management and coaching firm, leveraging over 25years of business expertise, to provide customized career transition /outplacement, executive coaching, and personal coaching services. Through ourpartnership with OI Global Partners, we can offer these services through over 200 locally-owned officesin more than 25 countries.



A vessel to move an importantperson from one place to another.

Personal life coaching involves helping generallywell-functioning individuals achieve goals, maximize personal development, andnavigate life transitions. It is a unique, highly personalized one-on-onerelationship, and is for people who are ready to make changes in their livesand want a trusted partnership in facilitating their process and achievingdesired results.

Most often individuals seek to work with a personal life coach because they wouldlike to change, achieve, or create something in their personal lives orcareers. More and more people are seeking help from a professional life coachbecause they choose to create better quality lives, change or enhance theircareer, increase their choices or options, or enhance their personalrelationships. Coaching can help an individual to:

• Discover personal motivation strategy so goals can be achieved

• Increase confidence and self esteem

• Learn new skills to better navigate change in life

• Identify and change limiting beliefs that prevent moving forward

• Create compelling goals that align with what is really importantin life

• Create more fulfillment, balance and joy in life

Whatever your current situation, whether you want to accelerateyour career, improve your personal or work relationships, develop yourinterpersonal or leadership skills, or improve your self-confidence, we canhelp you make it happen. People who invest in themselves welcome the structure,support, feedback, learning and accountability that personal life coachingprovides.



Chris has over 20 years of career management/outplacementexperience in the Wichita area and can advise on such topics as the executivejob market, changing business trends, new technology in the job search,emerging career fields, economic factors, marketing approaches,self-employment, and particularly, the local job market and network connections.

Today's business climate demands the very best in professionalism,experience, and sensitivity where outplacement and career management servicesare concerned.

Outplacement or career management is a consulting service designedto assist organizations through some difficult processes, ranging fromtermination of a senior executive to major downsizings based on theorganization's long-term strategic needs or downturn in economic conditions.

At Wallace Associates, we understand thatdownsizing can be a major change for an organization and its employees. Some ofthe reasons that companies provide outplacement include:

• To ensure a smooth transition and minimize possible legal action

• To help the departing employee(s) look forward and not focusingon the past

• To ease downsizing employees' stress and start them on the roadto re-employment

• To preserve the company's reputation as an employer of choiceand good corporate citizen

• Out of a genuine desire to "do the right thing"

Complementing our strong ties to the local Wichita community, wepossess a global reach through our affiliation with OI Global Partners, theworld's largest career consulting partnership, with over 200 locally-ownedoutplacement firms. This association allows us to service national andinternational projects or individuals. A company only needs to make one phonecall and we handle their outplacement needs virtually anywhere in the world. Weare the only full service outplacement firm not aligned with a nationalcorporate owned firm, so we can customize programs to meet your needs.


• One-on-one coaching / consulting

• Assessments to evaluate strengths, interests, values, andaccomplishments

• Development of self-marketing tools, including resume,references, cover letters

• How to research the local market and understanding of the hiddenjob market

• Building a contact network

• Effectively using technology in the job search

• Interview techniques and practice interviewing

• Negotiating the offer

• Assimilation and on-boarding tips and techniques


Individual Outplacement Services- Acomprehensive program designed for all levels of employees, from seniorexecutives, managers, professionals to administrative support personnel. Weprovide one-on-one professional support and coaching during the outplacementprocess. Consultant meetings focus on helping the individual successfullyredeploy expertise and skills to achieve career goals as quickly as possiblethrough career assessment instruments, developing a marketing plan, resumedevelopment, enhancing interview skills, and negotiating job offers.

Group Outplacement Services - An intensive two-day groupworkshop that provides participants with the techniques and tools necessary toconduct an effective job search. Resume development, interviewing practice, andlocal market opportunities are covered.

Spouse/Partner Relocation - Two-career families are the normtoday, and career help with the "trailing" spouse/partner isessential for relocating new or transferring employees. We offer job searchassistance, including research prior to the move, coaching and networkingsupport after.

On-Site Notification Support - On the day of the notificationmeeting, we are on-site to meet with manager(s) and Human Resources to providecoaching and review logistical issues. Immediately after being notified, wewill meet with released employees to provide emotional support and explainoutplacement assistance.