Get ready for a rant, aha. Lately, sadly, Iv'e been feeling a lack of self confidence which has caused me to feel a bit gloomy at times. These past few months I have found myself looking through Instagram pages of "model type" girls, comparing myself to their looks wishing I was them. I would sleep over at my best friends house and we would spend hours talking to each other about how we wish we were as rich and gorgeous as most of the girls at our school. We would go on and on about how money makes people have better lives and that since we are middle class we would never have as good of a high school experience then some people at our school. I would try on multiple different outfits in the morning trying to find the one I think other people would think I look good in. Sounds exausting right?! Endlessly comparing myself to others thinking it would make me a better me. Well let me tell you, it was. Until I stumbled upon a YouTube video entitled "How To Be Confident." It sounded extremely cheesy at first but I watched it anyway,  and that video has honestly changed my life. This girl sitting behind her camera has life all figured out! I closed my laptop after watching that video feeling so refreshed and so much better about myself it was purely amazing! The things she said really made me open up my eyes to find that I can be such a better me then the me i'm trying to be, just by being true to myself , doing the things that make me happy instead of trying to do things I think will make other people think i'm happy. I'm in a place now where i feel so beautiful in my own body and I feel so happy just experiencing all the little things in life. I titled this blog "social media dilemma" because I believe that with all this new technology and social media, society is putting this un- realistic pressure on the average person to be perfect and be themselves when all society is doing is making people doubt if who they are is good enough. If you are ever feeling down about yourself please come talk to me because i will listen to you and care about you and buy you pizza and ice cream and give you a million hugs and kisses because I care about you, every little aspect of that beautiful self of your's . I'm going to end this blog now and major props to you for sticking through and reading this whole thing, I really hope you enjoyed it you wonderful person.


This is my first blog post and i really hope you enjoy! Feel free to message me or comment on this if you have any questions or comments,  or even if you just want to chat! Muwah! Goodbye, darling. (If you would like to know the youtube video that I mentioned in this video you can message me on here and I will send you the link!)

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