Motivation?! Hello??

I don't know why it has been so hard for me to stay motivated with pretty much anything lately, I just can not seem to find inspiration nor strength to push forward. As I wrote in my last post (from way too long ago now) it is as if I am stuck in an early midlife crisis. I feel as if the days keep getting shorter and shorter and all I have time for is the gym and work, absolutely nothing else. Where did all of my time go? Where did my every go? And most of all, where did my motivation go?

I have pretty much been neglecting my blog for the past six months, for no reason rather than lack of motivation. What do I wrong about and why should I write it at all? My blog started off as a tool for me to express my thoughts and feelings, yet now I feel as if none of that it worth putting words to. Wow, that got real dark real fast :)))

Have you got any tips on how to stay motivated? Or rather, how to find your motivation...

I know there is a warrior somewhere in there... I know it.


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