Cleaning your carpets, whether at home or at the office, is no rocket science but it’s no simple task either. You have to be meticulous on the cleaning agents and methods to be used in order to ensure that you maintain the quality and aesthetic appeal of your carpets . The complexity that surrounds carpet cleaning may be the reason why most people fall prey to the cleaning and maintenance misconceptions instead of following the fool-proof way.

Check out some of the fallacies surrounding carpet and rug cleaning and discover the truth behind the myths.

10 Misconceptions About Carpet Cleaning

  1. Cleaning will only ruin the beauty of a carpet Cleaning, in fact, could make your carpet look new and even more beautiful. Cleaning chemicals specially made for carpets are designed to safely and thoroughly clean without damaging the original look of a carpet.
  2. Excessive vacuuming will ruin a carpet Carpets are designed to endure vacuuming even on a regular basis. It is a must to vacuum your carpet to remove dirt, crumbs, dust, pet hair, and any other debris. Cleaning your carpet with the help of a vacuum cleaner can help keep it clean before your next deep carpet cleaning.
  3. There is no need to clean a new carpetWhether your carpet is old or new, it needs to be cleaned every 12 months. Carpets are good at hiding dirt, so even though it looks fairly new, the truth is it is not. When you go longer than 12 months without cleaning, there’s a big chance your carpet could wear out early.
  4. Cleaning will only shrink a carpetCarpets won’t shrink unless you leave it extremely soaking wet. You can avoid this by making sure your carpet is thoroughly dried after cleaning.Engaging a carpet cleaning services to clean your carpet is a better idea as these professionals are properly equipped to clean and dry carpets the professional way.
  5. Clean the carpet only when it has been stainedWhilst carpets are designed to absorb and hide dirt, this doesn’t mean it is clean. By the time you see noticeable stains, chances are your carpet is already on its way to being damaged. As previously mentioned, have your carpets cleaned every 12 months to remove dirt and stains that have built up. Professional cleaning by a carpet washing services ensures that your carpet is thoroughly cleaned up to the last fibre, which is extremely important if you have pets in the house as pet hairs, not only dirt and stains, may cause allergies to small children.
  6. It is safe to use whatever kind of carpet cleaning agent Grocery store cleaners or any kind of cleaning agent not designed for carpet cleaning may cause severe damage to your carpet. Make sure to use cleaning chemicals that are specially made to safely clean carpets.
  7. It is safe to use baking soda to remove foul odors from carpetsBaking soda or any powder deodorizer do not remove any foul odors from your carpet but only mask it. The smell is only absorbed but not removed. Besides, powder-based deodorizers can be hard to vacuum.It is best to go for quality carpet cleaning that is offered by professional cleaners as they would know the right cleaning chemicals to use to fully remove the foul odors from your carpets.
  8. Carpet cleaning will only cause mould or mildew to growWhilst cleaning your carpet can make it wet and moist, this won’t cause the growth of mould or mildew as the right cleaning chemicals will help sanitise the carpet to keep it thoroughly cleaned.
  9. It is better to go for dry cleaning than steam cleaningProfessional cleaners recommend both methods to ensure your carpet is cleaned from inside out. Dry carpet cleaning helps clean the carpet’s top surface. Steam cleaning, on the other hand, is the more preferred way to clean carpets thoroughly.
  10. All carpet cleaning methods are the sameNot all carpets are created equal, so it surely follows that no process or method can be applied to all kinds of carpets. There are different types of cleaning methods depending on the quality of the carpet so it is important to use the right one that fits your carpet.

If you’re unsure which kind of cleaning chemical to use, it is best to engage a carpet cleaning company in Singapore as they boast cleaning professionals who are well-trained and knowledgeable about the different kinds of cleaning processes for different kinds of carpets.

Bust These Myths By Having Your Carpets Cleaned, The Professional Way

Engaging cleaning professionals is a smarter way of having your carpets cleaned and maintained. Check out carpet cleaning rates in Singapore and choose a professional cleaner that can offer the best value for your money. Avalon Services, for example, goes beyond the usual carpet cleaning package by offering a customised approach to cleaning carpets to ensure that the right cleaning agents and methods are used to properly clean your carpets.

Remember that there is no substitute for proper cleaning as far as carpets are concerned. Hiring a professional to do the job lessens your worries about how your carpets should be cleaned and reduces your risk of doing any improper cleaning methods that may ruin the beauty and quality of your carpets.