Why I kept our wedding a secret

I've gotten lots of questions about why I kept our wedding a secret at first. I didn't even announce that I was engaged on social media until the day I got married.

We knew that we wanted an intimate ceremony with only our closest family members. And I didn't want to ruin the happy marriage bubble I was in by telling about it on social media. So we decided to just wait a bit before we told anyone other than our families about the wedding.

We kind of had a plan about throwing an official wedding party one year later, aka next summer. But neither of us have ever dreamt about that flashy big wedding party you see on movies, so why would we do it like everyone else if it's not what we want?

I also know I kind of misled people to think our wedding day actually was our engagement day. This was also because it was a bit overwhelming to announce a marriage out of the blue, so I tried to keep it lowkey for just a bit more so that I could enjoy my little bubble. :) Then after while I felt ready to share my big news on social media and step out of that bubble of mine. And I know this was chocking for some people because it took my followers a loooong time to figure out wether I was just engaged or actually married. I think there still are some people that are confused about what actually happened haha.

Now a couple of months later, I almost regret a bit that I didn't announce the wedding "live". Because it was the most incredible day in my life and I wish I would have been able to share that part of me with you. But at the same time, maybe it was meant to be this way, so that day stays between me and my husband.

Anyways, we haven't agreed on a honeymoon yet (surprise surprise), but we are going to Los Angeles in a couple of weeks, so we're gonna use that time to get as much quality time together as possible. <3

Have a great Monday babes!



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