Why I don't workout

A lot of people have been asking me about my workout routines and if I could do a blog post about it. But I don't workout. At all. Ever.

A few years ago when I was recovering from my eating disorders I decided to start working out. I had read about how it could help your recovery etc. I did gain weight and started eating better but since I was no where near a balanced mindset I got crazy about my exercise and instead of my whole life being about what I ate it was about when and how much I worked out. So I didn't recover, I just moved focus from one bad thing to another.

A year ago when I relapsed and got ill again I fell back into both of my bad habits. So I stopped eating and became a slave to my workout routines. This spring when I started to recover again I simply decided that I'm not going to workout, at all, before I'm 110% healthy (both body and mind!) because I really want exercise to become a fun thing once I start doing it. I still want to gain some weight and become a bit stronger before I'm going to start working out. But if you have any advice on FUN exercise that do not focus on how your body looks, but how it feels, then let me know!! <3

(Also, I'm so crazy happy about the fact that I can say that I want to GAIN weight, because I know many people, blinded by the beauty ideal, think I'm just fine now. But the truth is that my body still isn't as strong and healthy as I want it to be.)



Power you!! <3 nouw.com/jossanasplund
kiitos. tack för denna blogpost. du sade den, orsaken varför jag int trenar och man kan inte förstå det… älskar dig <3tenzba.blogspot.fi
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