When I struggle with lunch

As you know since I've opened up about my eating disorders, I still have bad days when eating feels impossible. So today, instead of skipping lunch, I tried this Ambronite drinkable supermeal. You find it here . (I got mine from Ruohonjuuri when I visited Helsinki.) I made a double shake with banana flavor that is completely vegan but still has 10g protein per scoop, so 20g in my lunch which is pretty good!!

I don't know why drinking calories (shakes, nutri, supermeals ect) is so much easier than eating an actual meal? Maybe because you don't feel as full after or because it "feels" like less food even tho it isn't... Anyways, my goal is to always have at least one warm, normal meal a day. But when I struggle with lunch I sometimes replace it with these different shakes and drinkable meals, and it's a pretty okay solution for now... Do you guys have any lunch advice??



avocado wrap!!
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