When going to the dentist is easy & comfortable

(In collaboration with Distriktstandvården)

In the beginning of this summer one of my wisdom teeth started hurting a lot. Last summer I pulled out the two upper ones but now it was one of the lower ones that started giving me a hard time. I'm very sensitive when it comes to pain and especially when it has to do with my wisdom teeth haha.

I contacted Distriktstandvården and got an appointment the next day already! For me that was amazing since I'm used to usually having to wait for weeks to get an appointment to the dentist. But with Distriktstandvården everything went so smoothly. When I got there the next morning they fixed the tooth that was hurting and now I haven't felt anything in almost two months! So I'm really happy with the results and most likely I won't even have to pull this one out, at least not for now.

Distriktstandvården is a really modern version of a dental clinic and they make it easy & comfortable for the whole family to take care of their dental hygien. Have you ever heard of a dental clinic who has babysitting as an option if you need to bring your kids? This clinic has that! And it's also possible to schedule the appointments so the whole family can visit the dental clinic all at once. For me, as a new mommy, these things are something I didn't think about before but now it's really important and makes it so much smoother during future visits!

Ps. Remember to go do your regular check-ups. I used to be so bad at this haha but now I've already booked a normal check-up for this winter wihuu!



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