What's happening to my body?

Yesterday I fell asleep at 11PM and today I woke up at 2:45PM... I slept for almost 16 hours. In a row. I do feel that my body needs it somehow, but for whatever reasons, I have no idea.

Now I have a looot of work to catch up with and mostly blog things. So that means I'll be sitting in front of the computer most of what's left of this day haha. But first I'll go out for a power walk. Does anyone have advice on light exercises? Like a specific yoga class that is energizing or something like that. I've always said how I'm too restless for yoga, but right now I think my body would love it.

I also tend to go inside some sort of winter bubble as soon as the days get shorter. And this is one of the reason I really need something energizing to keep me alive this winter! Lucky for my body I'm going to Los Angeles in less than two weeks. I think both my mind and body are in a big need of some sunlight (and activities!).

Ps. Elton's face is exactly my mood today.



Åhhh vilken söt mopsis!!!!
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