We're moving!

Yesterday I found out that we're moving in two weeks!! These last couple of months we've been going back and forth about where we want to be when the baby arrives and where we want to live. I've been in Finland for three months now (my home country <3) but since my husband works in Stockholm and this commuting between Sthlm and HKI has been pretty rough and isn't really working we both felt that it's time for us to move back to Stockholm. We looked at some apartments in our favorite areas, we're both very specific when it comes to where we want to be located so it's pretty hard for us to find something we really like haha. But a couple of weeks ago we found our dream place and yesterday we found out we got it! So this weekend we're moving the first part of our stuff there and then in a couple of weeks we're moving in.

I wanted my baby to have a cozy home when he arrives, a place that actually feels like HOME and where we want to be a bit longer so it finally feels like we're settling down somewhere. Until now we've been moving around so much and been all over the place, but now it's time to have a safe home for Mini. <3 I've promised you some sneak peaks of the nursery, but since most of our stuff is in moving boxes at the moment there's not really a nursery for now. But the first thing I'll do in our new apartment is to set up a cute little nursery and show you what's going on and what stuff we've gotten for him.

Now as a first sneak peak and recommendation of one of my absolute favorite sites to shop at for Mini I'm going to show you a couple of items of the stuff I've gotten from Jollyroom. There's also a lot of stuff that's in our moving boxes right now that we got from Jollyroom, but I'll show you those in a post later when the nursery is up in our new place. Anyways, I spent a whole day going through Jollyroom's things and it's a great way to fix baby stuff since I haven't really had the time OR energy to go shopping at a mall or something similar. It's not so easy to walk around with a big belly and swollen feet a whole day so to all mommies to be out there, I highly recommend online shopping haha!

The body you see in the picture is one of many similar we got (brand - Tiny Treasures) and I love them because they are made of 100% organic cotton, which is good and feels nice for the baby. They have a lot of different patterns on the bodies and I went all in and got lots since I've understood that you have to change the baby's outfits quite a lot because all the throwing up etc heh. The bear is his first cuddle buddy, and it's so soft I could actually steal it. Fun fact: I still sleep with a stuffed bunny I got when I was 7 but now I use it as a maternity pillow haha.

When I put the baby nest in a mystory some of you asked if that's the baby's bed/why we have one. The baby nest is going to be in the baby crib in the beginning so the baby feels safe. It's comforting for them to have a "smaller version" of a bed in their real bed since they are used to living inside a uterus. Jollyroom has lots of these baby nests and I chose a simple white one since most of the stuff in our nursery and apartment is going to be white/grey/black.

Have a great week loves. <3

Babynest - here

Teddybear - here

Bodies - here



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