Week 38 (pregnancy update)

13 days left

Can you see how big my belly is?! I'm shocked every time I pass a mirror haha!! I can't believe we're finally here. 38 weeks pregnant! In the beginning of this pregnancy I fantasized a lot about how it would feel to be this close to meeting Mini and to be as little as 1 week and 6 days away from our scheduled C-section. In the beginning it felt like we'd never get to this point and this pregnancy has honestly felt like an eternity. Now we're FINALLY here!!

The baby: Mini is now officially a fully grown baby and ready to pop at any time. The average baby is now 50cm tall and weighs 3kg. So excited to find out how big Mini is at birth! I don't even know what to write at this section anymore, because basically he's just a normal baby now but still inside my womb haha. He sleeps, moves around, sucks on his thumb, has the hiccups (a lot), listens to when mom & dad are talking etc etc. My precious little son that is here soon!

Mommy: My body is in a lot of pain at this point and it's probably because Mini is stretching in every direction hehe. At times it feels like my belly is about to explode! I'm having a lot of mood swings and get strong waves of anxiety every now and then, but otherwise I'm feeling pretty good and most of the time I'm still able to enjoy and feel happiness instead of being worried.

Preparations: When we had packed our hospital bags we realized that we have completely forgotten to buy Mini outdoors clothing haha!! So we rushed to the store and bought him some warmer stuff to wear on chilly summer evenings and rainy days. We had honestly only focused on cute bodies and light summer clothing and for some reason it didn't hit me that also grown ups need warmer clothes during the summer as well haha. Oh my. Also, Mini has way too much clothes and I'm not even sure he's going to have time to wear all of it before he's outgrown them. Oops.

Otherwise I'm just preparing myself by watching good Netflix series, going for long walks and trying to enjoy the calm before the storm. (The storm = the best love-storm ever but I still think it's going to be hectic the first weeks) <3



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