Week 31 (pregnancy update)

Hi guys. Whiii my countdown has started and today it's 8 weeks left! Feels like nothing and at the same time it feels like forever. If I could choose I would have Mini in my arms now. I still think these last weeks will go pretty quickly and I'll try to fill them up with lots of fun stuff so it feels quick at least hehe.

Yesterday I went shopping for maternity clothes for the first time! I've gotten some dresses and leggings home as PR gifts, but I've never bought anything until now. I was just so tired of walking around in the same XL t-shirts (that I've stolen from my husband's wardrobe) and leggings. So I got myself some spring mama clothes to feel nice in these last weeks. It's super important to do whatever you can to feel good about yourself throughout pregnancy, it really affects your mood in more ways than you can imagine. When I sit at home with greasy hair in sweatpants I feel like an elephant, but when I put on a dress and some make-up I suddenly feel like I have all the pregnancy glow there is! So for my mood it has been SO important to take care of myself as much as I've had time and energy to.

The baby: Mini is now around 42cm tall and weighs 1,6kg (although I have a feeling he's bigger than that hehe). The baby has a sleeping pattern and sleeps for longer periods at a time. All organs are now soon ready and developed enough for life outside the womb, the main thing is now the weight gain! Also, in this week the baby's brain is developing like crazy.

Mommy: Yesterday I walked almost 10km even though my recommendation is no more than 30 minutes. And oh did I feel bad afterwards! So one thing is sure and that's that I'm not going to take anymore 10km walks during pregnancy. I got a migraine, I was so nauseous I thought I was going to collapse and I almost did collapse because my body was so tired haha. So from now on I'm following my recommendations! (Ps. the walk wasn't dangerous for Mini, I would never do anything that could harm the baby, it's only my body that suffers from it)

I still get to sleep a lot! Yay. And I feel that I've been a bit over active for the last week so this weekend I'm going to spend most of my time on the sofa. I've been having more energy lately but I always forget that my body isn't really there with me, so now I'm trying to take things slow instead.

Something weird has happened! Mini has gone from being the calmest baby ever to becoming WILD. I freaked out when he started moving around a lot and didn't stop. He took some small breaks but it was just chaos inside my belly for a whole day. So I called my midwife AND the hospital (no chill I know) and they both said the same thing. It's nothing bad.

My body has probably become so much more healthy and strong throughout this pregnancy since I've gained weight and eaten well. So Mini has probably reacted to that as well. And 99% he's just moving around more now because he is strong and well. Not because of stress or anything else that could be bad. Anyways it felt much better after talking to my midwife and now that I know it's nothing weird about his movement, I can actually enjoy feeling him almost all the time and feeling how strong he's getting. He literally went from kicking a couple times a day to kicking a couple times an hour or MORE. It's crazy. Can't wait to see what his personality is like when he arrives!!



Hej Molly! Jag såg din instagram story om ditt samarbete med Cocopanda. Jag undrar om du kan skriva mera om att vara vegan men ändå använda djurtestade produkter som Maybelline! Kram
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