To sum up my weekend

Hi loves. This weekend has been lovely in every way. First of all, my mom is here and I almost miss Nate because she's been so helpful and has spent so much time with him! Me & Thomas have had time to go on dates, just relaxed and have some me-time. It's been really great and I've gotten lots of new energy.

On Friday we went to Gröna Lund with our friends Rachel & Strom who were visting from the States. (They flew home this morning and we miss them already!) It was so fun to go on roller-coasters and feel like a 12-year-old again. I really needed that haha. Also, what's up with being a parent and not handling youth stuff?! I pulled a muscle in my neck in a roller-coaster and Thomas almost threw up. I can't handle us haha. In the evening me & Thomas took electric scooters and drove around Stockholm city for almost an hour. That was so cozy even if I'm afraid of those scooters otherwise.

On Saturday we woke up at 6 to get ready for our temple sealing. It was a lovely day and it was so special to get sealed for all eternity the whole family. This is maybe easiest explained as the religious part of our wedding. We only had a civil wedding last summer and now we had the religious part of it all which felt so so good. Nate was too adorable in his little white suit.

After the temple we went to a rooftop restaurant to have lunch and spend some time with the family and our friends. During the evening we just strolled around looking for the best vegan milkshakes in town but almost every placed seemed to either be closed for the day or out of milkshakes haha. During all of this Nate was at home with my mom but I went home every now and then to feed him since I don't want him to take the bottle too often.

Now we're getting ready to have some friends over for dinner! I've never cooked for 6 people before so I honestly have no idea what to make haha. I need to google something yummy. Have a lovely evening guys!



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