This week’s schedule

People told me I would become a morning person when I became a mom. Nope, the opposite actually haha. Me & Nate can cuddle in bed until 12PM... :) Which I don’t feel the slightest bad for since the weather is so bad and it’s been raining and storming for the last couple of days.

A lot of you have been asking for more ”this week’s schedule” posts after I made one like that, so here it comes!

This week’s schedule:

Tomorrow (Tuesday) I’m finalizing a work collaboration that will be up later this week. So excited to share some mom life hacks with you and one of my favorite collaborations so far!

On Wednesday we’re going to an apartment display I’ve been waiting on for some time now. It’s not even ready yet since it’s a completely new terraced house in the making and well, let’s see what happens...!! It’s been my dream for a while now to own a place that has our own small yard, terrace etc, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed for this one! It would be a little dream come true.

Thursday means more work, the collab will be out (so keep your eyes open for that hehe) and we’ll go on a tiny family roadtrip during the evening to some new place near Stockholm where we can go out for a cozy walk and get some dinner!

On Friday we have an appointment at BVC where a doctor will fix something on Nate’s belly buttom. I don’t really know what it is but it’s apparently something pretty common for newborns. They’ll also check how he’s growing so I can update you with his 7-weeks-old weight and height!

Saturday means I’VE BEEN MARRIED FOR A YEAR!!! What?! This also means we’re going to celebrate big time!! What do you even do on your first anniversary? How can you do anything that comes even close to your wedding day? I don’t know but we’ll try to figure something out. <3

And Sunday, my favorite days! Means church, family time x 100 and cuddles cuddles cuddles. And good food. And just recharging energy and love for everything that’s to come!

As you probably know by now we’re a very spontaneous family so our schedule changes from day to day. Therefor we’ll probably end up doing these things plus ten other ones. But I’ll actually try to have a pretty relaxed week since I feel it’s been a lot lately and this mama needs some ”vacation” or at least an attempt to some halftime vacation haha!



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