The self-rocking mattress

(In collaboration with LullaMe)

You know when you've put your baby down in their bed about 100 times and they keep on waking up the second you put them down? So you stand there half the night trying to rock your baby to sleep and get as disappointed every time you hear the scream before you even reach your own bed. This was pretty much me some nights the first month with Baby N since he didn't want to fall asleep unless I had him in my arms and sometimes he didn't want to sleep at all if he didn't get to be on my chest. Then we got home this self-rocking mattress and OH how things changed!!

LullaMe has the product I actually think is magic. And I was sure it was too good to be true until I tried it and realized it's just genius.

The first night we tried the mattress I was so excited and nervous to see the results. I didn't want to get my hopes up too high so I was prepared to hear him cry within a minute when I put him down. But nope. No crying. I waited another minute, still nothing. I went to bed so confused - is this how easy it's going to be from now on? Then I slept for almost 4 full hours before Baby N woke up and wanted some food. (Before that night he had slept for max. 3 hours before he's woken up to get food.) And after he'd had his little night snack I put him straight back on the mattress with the self-rocking function on and this was the FIRST TIME he was able to fall back asleep on his own, in his bed, without being on my chest. Wow wow wow.

Now we've used the mattress for a couple of weeks and I'm still in shock over how good it works. Nathaniel sleeps for as long as 5 hours in a row at times and he just sleeps so well overall. I get around 9 hours of sleep every night and for that I'm so grateful. One of the absolute best parts is also seeing how much my baby likes the mattress. We can put him in his crib with the self-rocking function on while he's awake and he will fall asleep within 5 minutes without complaining at all. He loves laying there even when he's awake so it's really easy for us when we notice that he's tired and we can just put him straight to bed.

When I put him down...

1 minute later...

Another thing that's crazy is that sometimes when he gets fussy and is in a bad mood we put the self-rocking function on and put him down on his mattress while we talk to him and maybe bring one of his toys to his bed and play with him. He gets calm immediately almost every time. It has the same effect on him as being in the car or going out for a walk in his stroller. These three things (mattress, car, stroller) makes him really happy when he's awake and in a bad mood. And it makes my mommy heart so happy to see how he can relax and get comfy in his bed.

How it works: LullaMe Solina is the first automatic self-rocking mattress in the world. And it's from Finland!! Go Finland! They deliver to almost every possible country and also have a 30-day trial period if you want to test the mattress before buying it.

You control the mattress from an app on your phone which makes it so easy to use. You can switch the speed between level 1-5 and also put on a timer so the movement stops when the time runs out. I have it on level 1 when my baby is sleeping and sometimes level 2 when he's falling asleep. Most often I leave the self-rocking function on throughout the night since that's what's working best right now and I notice he sleeps for longer periods when I do this. But sometimes, especially during his daytime naps, I switch the rocking function off when he's fallen asleep. Usually he doesn't wake up but sometimes he starts moving his hands a bit and then I turn the function back on and he continues to sleep.

You find the self-rocking mattress and everything else you need to know about it HERE. This is one of the few things that's actually made a major change in my mommy life and also one of the few things that I'd recommend all mommies!

From day one we were happy with how well Nathaniel slept but getting this mattress was still a game changer and now there's not a single thing we can complain about when it comes to our baby's sleep. Sleep is one of the absolute most important things for me and I don't function properly when I get too little sleep. This mattress helps your baby sleep well so he's calm and happy both day- and night time and it also gives you as a parent the time to sleep and rest. And for me sleep means I'm able to be a better, stronger and happier mom. <3



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