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(In collaboration with Muumi Baby)

Do you remember when Nate was a tiny newborn and I showed you what diapers we were using for him?! Now 8 months later we still use the same brand, Muumi Baby, and today I want to share why we love this brand so much. <3

First of all I need to say WIHUUU - Muumi Baby diapers have FINALLY launched in Sweden so now you can find them here as well! Guess if I was hyped when I noticed this. As you might know already my mom used to bring us these diapers from Finland since we've always wanted to use them because we think they fit Nate the best. But now we can go to a Citygross near us and buy them here in Stockholm as well, how good is that?! :)

Muumi Baby diapers has been a clear choice for us from day one. They're Finnish, in fact it's a Finnish family company, they value the environment and they are a safe choice for your baby. When they produce the diapers they only use pure and safe raw materials. What I think is really cool with this company is that they don't generate any landfill waste! And now you probably think "what about the packaging?", well the material is fully biodegradable and you can for example reuse the bags as a rubbish bag for biodegradable waste, I mean HOW good is that?! These are the things that are very important for me when I choose brands and products for Nate and myself. And what's better than supporting an environmental-friendly family company? :)

It's so sentimental to think that Nate started out with the newborn ones aka. 2-5kg omg! I can't even imagine him being so tiny anymore haha... Now he's using the pant diapers no. 5 and we LOVE them!

Five reasons why we love the pant diapers by Muumi Baby:

1. They have the absolute best fit (trust me we've tried many different brands and fits, especially when we were in Spain for one month and Muumi Baby was nowhere to be found hehe)

2. They are elastic and allow the baby to move freely and feel comfortable

3. They don't leak! Especially in these pant diapers now that Nate is a bigger baby he hasn't leaked even once in these diapers. In other diapers he has, especially some that doesn't protect enough or have a special leak guard makes it difficult during the night, but with Muumi Baby he can go through a whole night without needing a diaper change (which is so nice).

4. The diapers are easy to put on and take off! Especially the part with "take off" is important if there's been an accident haha and these diapers have really succeed with that.

5. They are skin-friendly and doesn't give any rashes! As you know Nate has a very sensitive skin and I've talked about the fact that he has some skin problems we're dealing with and taking care off with lots of different lotions etc. But with Muumi Baby diapers he has never gotten rashes where in the diaper area!! And this is such a big relief for us since he usually gets rashes from basically everything. If we put him down on a carpet he sometimes immediately gets big red rashes on his whole body for example.



Omg visste inte att man kunde köpa dessa i Sve, så kul!!
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