The best/worst series ever

I have such a love-hate relationship to the series I'll recommend you today. I mean it's probably the best series ever but at the same time it's the WORST. For every episode you get more and more caught up and the show just gets more brutal and heartbreaking. But you simply can't stop watching.

I'm talking about The Handmaid's Tale! A few weeks ago me and my husband started watching it and we were totally creeped out the whole first episode and decided to stop watching it. But it's impossible. Yesterday we finally watched the last episode and I'm so relieved! This is the first series EVER to catch me on such a personal level that I just can't stop thinking about the next episode I'm going to watch.

I do recommend The Handmaid's Tale because it's breathtaking and one of the best made series EVER. But I don't recommend it if you're very sensitive. Because I honestly couldn't breathe while watching it, it was so intense haha. And I'm not kidding when I tell you I thought I was gonna throw up during the worst episodes. BUT IT'S WORTH IT!

Ps. Today me & Elton went for a picknick to the park but he got so scared of the mug that looked like him, so it didn't quite work out haha.

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