Teething & rough nights

Okay so my little Nate is teething and has entered a new phase so there's a lot going on at home haha... Teething is the worst thing so far, he is in lots of pain and you can already spot white beginnings so I'm just waiting for them to come out asap!

Teething also means the worst nights this far. He wakes up almost every 1,5 hours because his teeth hurts but luckily it seems to be going in a better direction and he always falls asleep within 10 minutes so it's still okay. Right now he goes to sleep at 9PM and wakes up at 8-8:30 AM. But tonight he woke up around 5 times, poor bubba.

Today my husband comes home from Spain wihhuu! We've missed him a lot here at home and I notice that Nate knows he's dad is away, especially when he goes to bed since Thomas usually is the one who puts him to sleep. Luckily my mom's been here with us these days so I've had plenty of help with everything.

Yesterday we went shopping to Mall of Scandinavia, tried a new (super good) asian lunch place, bought Nate some new clothing (which we had to take off 5 minutes later when he puked on all of it haha) and had a cozy spa evening at home.

We've also set up a new rule here at home, which is not to be on our phones/iPads etc infront of Nate, except for when we take photos/videos of him. This is REALLY hard, harder than I expected it to be, but at the same time it's so amazing when you see how fast he learns new things when all focus is on him instead of on a screen every now and then. I'm going to do my best to stick to this rule as good as I can, I think it's as good for myself as it is for Nate. Let's see how it works out!

Now I'm going to the pharmacy since some of my lovely followers suggested a gel you can put on when your baby is teething for pain relief! So excited to see if it helps even a bit. Have a great day loves!



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